Thursday, May 1, 2014

5/1/14 Report - Flash Flooding, More Beach Observations, Old Maps and Sedwick Auction Goes Live

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I recently posted some links to articles about discoveries over in the Gulf Coast area.  I used to hunt that area fairly frequently, especially around Pensacola.

They are now having flash flooding over there (see photo here).  That could uncover some old earth and artifacts.

The Pensacola News Journal reports the following.

 About 23,700 people are without power in Escambia County and 1,300 in Santa Rosa. Gulf Power is still evaluating how long it will take to get power restored.

Here is the link.

Not only have I been talking about the Gulf Coast area but also about checking any newly exposed or disturbed earth.  I can guarantee old things will be uncovered by flooding like this.

It looks like we will be getting thunder storms on the Treasure Coast Friday and Saturday.

Yesterday I was talking about sitting at the beach and observing.  Clint L. sent me a long email.  I'll post the part that relates to that now.

Here is what Clint said.

I decided to spend a week at the beach WATCHING…People and their actions., waves and their actions, seaweed etc.

What I saw was this: Women would stand in waist deep water in fall/winter waves and get blasted midsection and the reaction of throwing their arms up and outward caused watches, bracelets and rings to pop off and go out in the water. Guys would perform sumersaults off buddies shoulders and large necklaces would come off.

 I stood at the waters edge at Lake Worth Beach  and watched waves for hours…if a wave comes straight in and straight out, I did not see anything except herringbone necklaces (eye sight)  washing up the beach slope and looking like a yellow pencil and then rolling back on the wave retreat. I would snatch these up immediately. They were always straight where the smallest sand particles would lock them in a straight position. I found Necklaces with Gold Maltese Crosses, Eagles, etc by eying the beach and would see about 3 to 6 inches of chain moving with the waves and grab it . People would walk right by this stuff and not be aware of it.

If a wave comes in at an angle, and creates a crescentic motion, coins, medallions and other flat things would actually surf in and drop out at the peak of the wave…yes, in a 15 minute period,  I watched 3 quarters, 2 nickels, and a dime size St. Christopher in 14k drop at my feet.

I found small gold and silver chains by SIGHT wrapped up in the sea wrack at high tide zone.

I'll post other parts of Clint's email some other time.  His detecting goes back quite a number of years and includes the famous storm of 1984 among others.

The first session of the SedwickCoins treasure auction will begin this morning (5/1/14) at 10:00 EDT.

Gold cobs will be auctioned first.

Here is the link.

You can find some really good research materials on   Here is a map that I found useful - just as one example.

Notice towards the upper left corner where I circled the Old Miller Block House.  An Indian massacre took place there.

The map is an 1870 land use map, and it is very useful.   All of those old buildings and farms are good potential detecting sites.

As I've said before you can join for a free trial period.  You'll be amazed by all the good research resources.

On the Treasure Coast the surf will be up to about four feet today and tomorrow maybe another foot or so higher.  Unfortunately the wind and swells are still coming from the South.

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You might enjoy watching the bidding on the auction today.  It goes fast.

Happy hunting,