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5/28/14 Report - Returned Rings, Butterfly Knife, Dangerous Items Found in Parks and Hidden Money

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Returned Rings,
Found and returned by Michael E.
As you know, I've been talking about the Port St. Lucie Parks, which, it appears, suddenly began to prohibit metal detecting.  We first learned of this when one of the readers of this blog was told, after months of regularly detecting PSL parks, that he could no longer detect there.  

The detectorist I'm talking about is a fine fellow that is known for returning rings and other finds, including the rings shown here.  I covered that particular story in my 8/9/13 post.

I don't think the Parks Dept., or the citizens, realize how many cherished items are returned that would otherwise remain lost if detecting is no longer allowed.

In addition to the service of finding and returning items, much junk and many dangerous items are removed by detectorists.

I've personally found and removed three sets of brass knuckles (considered a deadly weapon) from one park.  I understand that it is illegal to make or sell brass knuckles in Florida.

I've also found a butterfly knife in a park. 

Butterfly Knife Partially Open
They are legal in Florida, but you are not allowed to carry them in public without a permit. 

Butterfly Knife In Closed Position.
It is sort of fun to learn to use them.   Pretty neat, but not the type of thing you want to be have laying around for kids to pick up.

I wish we had a picture of the tons of trash that we have all removed from the parks and beaches.  That would be amazing.

Joan T. said,

I have removed countless dangerous items from parks and playgrounds while detecting, most recently, a switchblade right under a swing, and it was not even under the mulch!

I have removed razors, nails, pins,  pens, broken glass shards, asthma inhaler, knives, glasses, push pins, nuts and bolts from sloppy repairs to the playground equipment - those are always fun to find. ... I would never let my children run barefoot in the sand or mulch of any park or playground. Too many dangerous items, and I find many of them.

When i lived south in Coconut Creek, my 3yr old son dug up a hand gun right next to a slide! That was scarey! ...

Thanks for your email Joan.  I'm sure we've all removed some of those items.
One thing I hate to find, but have, are syringes - some medical and some drug related, I'm sure.  Very dangerous!  I just received an email from John P. who indicates he has found them too.
John P. wrote and said, ... there have been many times that I have removed (carefully) hypodermic needles from beaches in the area along with lots of broken glass.

I've found crack pipes too.  It is all out there, and detectorists find it.

Maybe we should bring all of that to the attention of the pubic and parks personnel.  It is dangerous for anyone that visits a park.

Maybe we should start documenting this stuff with out cameras.

You don't need a detector to find a lot of it.  You can see much of it on the surface.

I don't know why any park wouldn't be glad to have all of that removed for free.  They just don't realize how much of it does get removed.

A successful real estate salesman has been hiding envelopes of cash and leaving clues about where to find the cash on twitter under @HiddenCash.   So far the envelopes have been in the San Francisco area, but he will be doing the same thing in other cities soon.

Here is the link to that story.

 On the Treasure Coast we have another day of smooth water, which will last two or three more days, and then if the predictions are correct, the surf will start increasing to a peak of 3 - 5 feet in a few days.  Otherwise, no change in beach detecting conditions.
If you are want your name on to be included on a letter to the parks department, send you full name and use the word Petition on the title.    That will make it a little easier for me to keep it organized. 
I don't usually post full names in the blog but it is better if I have a full name for the letter.
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