Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5/7/14 Report - Seated Quarters, Fantastic Detecting in the Old Days by Clint L. and Rip Current Danger

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1853 Seated Quarter
Find and photos byDan B.
Dan. B. got his 1853 Seated Quarter cleaned.  Here are photos of that coin after cleaning and before.  This is the other side from the one I showed before.

Below Dan's photos are pictures that would help you grade a seated quarter.

The grading photos along with values for seated quarters can be found by using this link.

Use the pictures to grade it for yourself.  Then look up the values.

I personally like the nice handled look even though the wear knocks the value down.

That is a useful web site.  Take a look.

Seated Quarter Grading Photos.

In a couple of previous posts I posted some of what Clint L. sent me in an email.  This is the third and concluding part of Clint's email message. 

Here is what Clint said.

 There you have it.  Thanks for sharing Clint!

On the Treasure Coast beach conditions haven't changed, but there are some rip currents.  Watch out for those.  If you don't know about rip currents and aren't experienced with them, they can be dangerous. 

If you aren't familiar with rip currents and do any water detecting, this is required knowledge.

Happy and Safe Hunting,