Thursday, May 29, 2014

5/29/14 Report - Tomoka's Golden Cup, Florida State Parks, O'Leno, Millions of Dollars of Gold Coins To Be Sold

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Removed Metallic Trash.
Found and photographed by Robert H.

Yesterday I wished I had a picture of all the trash that detectorists have removed from our parks and beaches.  Robert H. was quick to respond with what I'm sure is a very small portion of his share.

Pretty artistic, isn't it?  That is fit for a modern art gallery Robert.

That was fun, but I know Robert has treasure too, because if you remove all the trash you'll find some treasure and do a good deed in the process.

Here is more about the hunt for hidden envelopes of money.

I found this huge binder of Florida State Park information in a thrift store.  I bought it for a dollar.

Here is a map from one park.

Not only are there maps of the parks in the folder but also other information, including facilities and historical events that took place there.  And there is a lot of history at many of the State Parks.  Of course many are associated with forts, museums or battles.

Here is one paragraph found for Tomoka State Park.  

... This phenomenon occurred in the area of the last Timucuan stronghold as recorded in 1605 by Spanish explorer Alvaro Mexia. One folk story suggests a connection between the pink cloud and an Indian legend about Chief Tomkie who violated local religious practices by seizing a golden cup and drinking from a sacred spring that was said to have healing powers. Was this the Fountain of Youth? Anyway, this offense caused the surrounding tribes to attack Tomkie’s band. However Chief Tomkie was unhurt in the battle. Then a beautiful Indian maiden named Oleeta, drew her bow on the great Tomkie and put an arrow into his heart. She rushed forward and grabbed the golden cup from the Chief’s hand only to be struck down with a poisoned arrow. She was still clutching the sacred cup when she died. Legend has it that the golden cup is still in the possession of Florida Indians at the present time. Allegedly Chief Tomokie’s spirit was compelled to forever wander in the mists of the Tomoka River. I don’t know if the Pink Cloud has anything to do with this legend, but an unusual monument topped with a figure of Chief Tomokie can be seen at the Tomoka State Park in Ormond Beach.

Interesting legend!  I wonder if the golden cup can be found, or if it is fictional.

The maps in the binder were printed in 1972.  Some of the parks have changed since the maps were printed.  That is a good thing to look for on old maps -  where things used to be. 

Another good use for these maps, even though you normally can't detect in our State Parks, is to hunt the boundaries just outside of the parks.

One of the state parks is O'Leno State Park, which is where there once was a town that is no longer there.   If there was a town there at one time, undoubtedly there were areas just outside of the boundaries of the park where there was activity too.  Look for those areas.

Florida has a lot of things that you might not think of including, a waterfall, caverns, and a river that goes underground and then resurfaces again a good distance away.  The resulting natural bridge was used by Native Americans as long as they were there as well as the Spanish.

So keep your eyes open and you can find some good useful resources very inexpensively. 

Well, there are a couple of good hints and tips.

The California couple that discovered buried gold coins worth something like $11 million is up for sale.

After today and tomorrow the surf on the Treasure Coast will start to increase.  If you are planning on water hunting, you might take advantage of the small surf that we have now.  Nothing else has changed lately.  We still have the southeast winds.

If you want your name included on the letter asking for PSL parks to allow metal detecting again, send me an email with your first and last name and Petition in the title.

Thanks to those who have already sent their name.

Happy hunting,