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5/16/14 Report - Recent Cuts on the Treasure Coast, Beach Analysis, Couch Cache, Religious Statue and Dry Beach Finds

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Three to Four Foot Cut on Treasure Coast Beach This Afternoon.
I missed it, whatever it was.  I went to the beach this afternoon and saw some recent cuts.  I know it wasn't the last high tide that caused the erosion.  I could tell that the last high tide filled the front of the beach instead of cutting it.  So I don't know exactly when the new cuts occurred, but it wasn't too long ago, and it was before the last high tide.

I was out of town yesterday and not paying attention to beach conditions like I normally do.  I don't know if a front came through yesterday or if it might have been a local storm.  I've seen local storms cause cuts.  This isn't anything I would be concerned about missing anyway.  I doubt that it was enough to cause an upgrade in my beach conditions rating.  And, as I said, it has started to refill already.

Another View of the Cut Beach
I added some lines to this photo to show you some things.

At the right, notice the cliff face and then the slope at the bottom of the face.

The new sand piled in front of the cut is emphasized by the arced arrow.  Sand was in the little dip between the new refill sand and the slope down from the cliff face.

Another thing I noticed this afternoon is the beach behind that is starting to slop upward as it goes back.

The front hump created by the new fill contained some light targets on the front face.  Mostly aluminum junk but also some clad.   On the new hump, under a few inches of sand was a layer of shells. 

If we get more erosion before this fills all the way back in, this erosion could still be a help.

Where I scribbled the lines along the face of the hump is where there were a lot of targets.

Dry Beach Finds
Finds and photos by Dan B.

Dan B. said he tried out some of the tips I recently gave on hunting a dry beach and had some luck.

Here are some finds from doing that.

Thanks for sharing Dan.

Kovels Komments says, Forty-nine percent of Americans carry less than $20 in paper money and 9 percent go without cash entirely, according to a recent survey.

Fewer people conduct cash transactions these days and that of course means that there will be less to find on the beaches.  There was a time when many parks charged for entrance, and often the entrance fee was something like $1.50, which meant most beach goers would be carrying both cash and coins, some of which would be lost.  Not so much now.

There were some underwater dips next to some resort beaches where lost bills collected.  A lot of people only use credit cards at resorts now, so that will cut down on cash and coin finds.

Also fence lines along fair grounds after fairs were often good for producing a few bills. 

Bills also occasionally show up in sea weed lines on the beach. 

Students found $43,000 in an old couch they bought for $20 and returned the money.

Here is the link for that story.

People hide things in different places.  Remember that.

A rare statue of the Virgin Mary, probably from somewhere around the 13th Century, was found buried under a church floor.

Here is that link.

Tonight's high tide is going to be pretty high.  It looks like the wind is supposed to be out of the North.  It looks like the swells will be pretty much out of the East until late tonight.  Unfortunately the surf is only supposed to be round two feet.  I don't think we'll lose much sand as a result of that and the sand in front of the cut, but I'm not totally sure.  Time will tell.

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