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5/17/14 Report - Beaches Fill, Wreck of the London, Huge Carved Rudder and Largest Fossil Ever

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One Treasure Coast Beach Just After High Tide Today.

The front beach changed shape since yesterday.  This is the same beach I showed yesterday. 

The cuts filled in some.  Now the cliff here are at least a foot less high.

Also the beach in front of the cut got straightened out.  As I showed yesterday there was a hump in front and then a small dip in between the hump and the cliff. 

Now the beach is pretty much straight up at an angle from the water (a couple of hours after high tide) to the cut. 

Here is a quick video of the surf.  Not very big.

Despite the wind today and the high tide, the beach conditions did not improve at all since yesterday.

The high tides are going to be nice and high, but the surf is still pretty small.  In a couple of days, though, a five or six foot surf is predicted.  That might help some.

Here is link to an article about a nice old 17th Century wreck that has remained in pretty good shape due to being covered with silt and being in cool water.  It is the wreck of the London in the Thames.

It has a picture of the wreck and some artifacts.

A huge carved rudder from a 17th shipwreck washed ashore after 400 years and is being preserved.

This is an older article but interesting.

Carved 17th Century Rudder.
Source: link immediately below.

Wood from wreckage will occasionally wash ashore.  A couple of years ago, I think it was, a lot of wood from old shipwreck washed up on Treasure Coast beaches.

You can see pictures of some of that if you go back in this blog.

You can use the blog search box.

And here is an article about the largest fossils ever found - 80 tons, from Argentina

Pretty amazing.

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