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5/3/14 Report - 1853 Coin and Other Finds, Cookout Report and Beach Conditions.

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1853 Coin Found by Dan B.
Photo by Dan B.

Here is a really nice old coin found by Dan B., It is his oldest coin find, and a find that would make any coin shooter jump for joy.

Take a look at that date.   1853!

Congratulations Dan! 

I received a report from Chuck G. on the Treasure Hunter's Cookout that was held last week.  Robert Marx and Pat Clyne were there.  Most of you undoubtedly know those names.

Chuck said,  A few of us went detecting on some area beaches Sunday around low tide, the water/surf was near flat and very clear......i don't think I've ever seen it that clear! I found a nice shell pile that was very low on the beach with a lot of material being washed up the slope from the near 1 foot step/trough to around 10 - 15 feet up the slope.  I  hunted an east-west grid and found a couple interesting items including a very cool horse tooth?, fairly modern sea glass, and few yet  to be identified metallic items. I was using a pulse induction machine.

In the pics you will see a nice round object that appears to be iron but reads as pull tab on my cz6a, the pull tab reading really surprised me since the item seems to have that rusty look and has some weight to it, and that's why all items come home with me and are checked before throwing them away!!!
It is always good to keep unidentified items until they can be identified.  The round piece could turn out to be interesting.

Fossil Horse Tooth, Sea Glass, and Other Finds
by Chuck G.
Thanks for the report Chuck.

Here is a good web site on seated quarters.

Seated Quarter Illustration
From above web site.


And here is a really great web site that gives you everything you need to know about seated dimes, including all the major varieties and details.

1854 Seated Dime
Illustration from the web site linked immediately above.

Here is what that web site says.

The Mint Act of February 21, 1853 reduced the weight of the dime from 2.673 to 2.48 grams. Weight reduction was a reaction to elevated price of silver with respect to gold during the California Gold Rush. Arrows at date were selected to distinguish older standard dimes from the new lighter coins. Arrows remained in use through 1855. The Arrows At Date variety was produced at the Philadelphia mint from 1853 through 1855 and in New Orleans in 1853 and 1854.
 If you have any Seated Dimes you'll want to visit that web site.

Mercury Dime, Seated Quarter and Other Finds
by Dan B.

The beaches on the Treasure Coast are sandy.  The wind is from the South and the waves are hitting almost directly from the East.

Here is a quick video showing a typical sandy wreck beach on the Treasure Coast

And here is a photo looking south towards Jensen beach.  Both the video and photo were taken yesterday afternoon.

Jensen Beach Yesterday Afternoon Near Low Tide.

 I planned to post some more amazing stuff form Clint L. today but I'll hold that for some other day now.  You won't want to miss what Clint has to say.

Happy hunting,