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5/15/14 Report - Personal Drones, Pirate Maps and Fun for the Kids and More

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One of Several Maps You Can Get
at The Pirates Recruitment Headquarters.
More info below.
In the past I've mentioned that I would like to be able to send a drone up and down the beach to get a view of beach conditions.  That would be nice. 

It seems like personal drones will be practical before long, and those that they are talking about are projected to cost a few hundred dollars. Personal drones are being talked about a lot now, although I don't know if those would be much better than toys.

Something more professional might run in area of something more like $1500. 

It don't know if those would stand up to the kind of breeze they would often face along the coast.

I've also often thought about an RC vehicle that would have a detector coil under it that you could run back and forth over the beach.   That would take some good engineering.  I think it could be done.  There are several problems to solve though.

So much for the wild ideas.

It does seem like detector manufacturers are in a rut.  I haven't seen any improvements in detector technology that I really care about for at least two decades.  As far as I'm concerned, the detectors that I had a couple of decades ago are better than any of the newer models that I know about today.  There have been some improvements, but not any that I really care about much. 

It is a copy cat world.  Everything is being copied.  I watched a TV report of how Iran reverse-engineered a downed US drone.  No doubt helped by China, who copies everything and anything of any value, from coins, to watches, to dolls - just anything.

I've talked before about how many counterfeit coins there are out there, but is isn't limited to coins.  Like I said, paintings, aircraft or anything of value is copied.

Crafts people who make unique and sell their own personal crafts on places like Etsy are finding that their crafts are being copied and manufactured by large companies.

It is a lot easier to copy than create something new and unique.

Artifacts including a jet bead necklace dating back as far as 2000 years were discovered during a road construction project in Scotland.   Here is the link for more about that.

That is one more reminder to check where ever and when ever earth is being moved. 

What caused a 1300-year deep freeze?  That is the title of an article which claims that a hypothesis blaming the big freeze on a meteor or comet striking the earth was debunked.   The article says, The study “pulls the rug out from under the contrived impact hypothesis quite nicely,” says Christian Koeberl, a geochemist at the University of Vienna. Most evidence for the extraterrestrial impact hypothesis, he says, was conjured up “out of thin air.”  

In my opinion, that type of science is not exactly unique, especially when it comes to discussion of climate change.
Here is the link if you want to read more about that.

Just a Little Fun for the Kids.

A Few Replica Artifacts and Maps in the Pirates
Recruitment Headquarters.
Do you ever take the kids or grand kids to Disney?   If you do you might want to stop in at the pirate enlistment headquarters.  It is between Splash Mountain and Adventure Land. 

You might find some things to look at yourself too.  They have some nice replica maps and artifacts.

They have a number of different "treasure maps" which you can get, and the kids can follow the clues on the map to activate some secret displays that can be found around the park.  One, for example, fires a replica cannon near the Pirates of The Caribbean ride.  

You have to register at the pirate headquarters and get a talisman to operate the secret interactive displays when and if you find them.

Replica of One Very Old Map of Florida
Found in the Pirates Recruitment Headquarters
There are a number of different maps which will lead you to a variety of different interactive elements around the park.

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On the Treasure Coast the wind is from the South, but will be changing.  We are supposed to get at least one day of North winds.

The tides are nice and high now.

By Wednesday we might get something like a five or six foot surf.

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