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5/14/14 Report - More On Detecting Shallow Water Dips, Finding Watches, WW II Ration Book and Odyssey Results

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Watches Found in Shelly Dip
With Zinc Pennies.
I told you yesterday about a dip containing a lot of zinc pennies.  Obviously those zinc pennies weren't very old but neither were they recent drops.

Here are the watches that were in that same dip.  One is a higher-end Seiko, and the other is an Orient.   It is fancy looking, but I never heard of that type of watch.

I looked it up and found the web site for the Orient Watch Company.

 Below is the face of the dug Orient.  It has a multi-year calendar.

I just looked on eBay and found watches like that listed for anywhere from $110 to $350.

Of all the watches I've found, the one that I found most of are the ladies Gucci watches with the changeable plastic rings of different colors that you can select to put around the face.  It seems the clasp on that watch wasn't very secure.  And the band isn't flexible at all.

There was a German watch that I found and wore for years.  It came up out of the water running and didn't quit for I don't know how many years.  Don't remember the make now, but it served me well

Orient Watch.
Many watches found in the water will still be running.

The Orient is running just fine.  I personally hardly ever wear a watch anymore though.

By the way,  when hunting a place like the loosely pack sand and shell dip where the zinc pennies were found, if you know what types of targets to expect in the various layers and locations, that information along with the detector signal should give you a high percentage identification of the target. 

Take a few watches outside and run your detector coil over them to see what the signal sounds like.  It will vary some for different types of watches, but it is good to become familiar with the signal created by all types of finds.

I expect to find watches in that type of area and figured that was what it was when I heard the signal.

Combine knowledge of different types of sand, layers and situations with the detector signal and you will be able to identify the target a lot of the time without any fancy displays or discrimination. features.

I showed a picture of a pendant the other day and asked which flag it looked like.  I got a couple of emails.  They were divided between Cuba and Peurto Rico.

You can see how similar they are.   The pendant had a red triangle and three blue stripes, so evidently it is the Cuban flag.

Thanks to all who wrote.

Front Cover of War Ration Book.

A couple of days ago I talked about WW II  Florida.  Here is a WW II ration book.  I doubt that many of you can recall the days when sugar, nylon, rubber, oil, gasoline, coffee and different things were rationed, and you could only purchase them if you had the stamps. 

Below is a link to a good web site if you want to learn more about rationing during WW II.

Inside of Ration Book Showing Variety of Unused Stamps.

The common stock of Odyssey Marine dropped over 20% when they posted a first quarter loss of $.12 per share and total revenue of only 0.6 million as compared to analyst estimates of $1.2 million.

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