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8/21/15 - More On The Capitana's 4.5 Million Dollar Treasure Coast Finds. See The Video. Bombs On The Beach.

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Capitana Celebration
Photo taken and submitted by Fred B.
I have a lot more to post about the Captiana's recent finds.  There were about 300 2-escudos alone. Then there are all those beautiful royals, or as I now prefer to call them, rounds.  There is a lot to see and talk about.

I'll have a series of posts on these recent finds.  This is the third already, so there will be a few more. Maybe I'll spread them over a few days. I didn't plan to do so many posts on the finds, but it is the 300th Anniversary of the sinking of the 1715 Fleet, and the finds on that anniversary makes it a very auspicious occasion.  On top of that, I couldn't tell about the finds as soon as they were made, so I accumulated pictures and information.  Now I can tell more about it.

I heard Brent say it wasn't just coincidence.  He said the wreck wanted more of the story to be told on the 300th Anniversary.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be down there with your metal detector and you find a pile of gold cobs.  You're about to get some idea.

Captain Jonah sent me the following video clip.  It is a lot of fun..

One Frame From Following Video Clip.

Be sure your sound is on and click this link to start the fun video.

I love the sound of the detector and of the guys hooting and hollering under water.


Lima 8-escudos Found By The Capitana Guys
Photo by Fred B.
Fred B. was out where the Capitana was working one day and got some great pictures.  They let him hold this escudo, and took the photo with it in his hand.  He said he was excited to hold something like that.

Come to think of it, these guys remind me a little of the late and great Art McKee.  He was a friendly guy too.  He would give you a personal tour of his museum if you happened to come by when the was there.  He was even known to take people out to dive on a wreck site.

Back to the coin.  As you can see, it is an 8-escudo minted in Lima in 1711.  The mint mark is M. That is a common date I've been seeing in a lot of the pictures.  You might remember that 9 or 11 of the royals were of that date.

M is the mint mark of Felix Cristobal Cano Melgarejo, who was the assayer for gold coins in Lima from 1709 - 1729.

As is typical of cobs of this period in Lima, the legend is incomplete.  It would read ET YNDIARVM REX ANO 1711 if you could see it all.


In other important local news, they have been removing munitions from the beach lately just south of Vero Beach. A couple areas are included.  They attempted to remove two 500 pound bombs yesterday, but weren't successful.  They'll give that another try.

Here are the links for that story.


And the last thing for today is Danny.  Here is the projected track.

Projected Track of Danny.
There are two other disturbances out there tow.  They aren't storms yet.

If you didn't see the past two posts on the 1715 finds, you might want to go back and take a look.
I know that a lot of you have already seen those posts.

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