Saturday, August 8, 2015

8/8/15 Report - Gold Nugget Watch Find. Finds From Eroding S. C. Beach. Discovery of Atocha Anniversary Celebration Video. Dry Pak.

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Gold Nugget Watch Find.

Now a follow up to yesterday's post in which I posted some pictures from Joe D. of a South Carolina beach that was eroding where it appeared that peat was being exposed.  Joe sent an additional email with these comments and pictures.  Here is what he said.

Just to clarify, the pic that looks like mud clumps is the heavy clay layer that I referenced! It had the consistency of wet pottery clay, but grey/ black in color! The plug that is dug out is where I found this badly worn rosie! The piece of plate and broken bottle were laying on surface not far away! Note the dark clay that absorbed into the plate piece!

Discolored Silver Rosie.

Two Plate Fragments

Bottle Glass
All of these photos were by submitted Joe D.  Thanks Joe.

It is always good when you can trace finds to a particular source or layer of sand or other material.


The Fishers posted a brief video clip in honor of the  30th anniversary of the 1985 discovery of the mother lode of the Atocha.  Here is the link.


Here is a handy little thing.  Inexpensive too. Great if you want to go in the water and take your wallet or cell phone.  It isn't a good idea to leave valuables in the car at the beach anyhow.

It is call Dry Pak and is water proof to 30 feet under water.  A good idea is to put a desiccant pack in it, because even though it shouldn't leak, there could be condensation.

They come in various sizes and will also protect you from rain or splashing.


Nothing new in the predictions.

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