Thursday, August 27, 2015

8/27/15 Report - Big Surf Predicted For Treasure Coast! New Error Found On Newly Discovered Escudo?? Erika Shifting More To The North.

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Recently Salvaged Treasure Coast Escudos That Were On Display At The Press Release.

The thing that is so interesting about cobs is that no two are exactly alike.  Being hand struck, there are all kinds of variations.  The die wore easily and needed to be resharpened and replaced often too. That caused many variations.  It seems that you can study them forever and continue to make interesting new discoveries.

I was looking at the picture of these escudos that were found by the guys on the Capitana and noticed something that appeared very odd.  It really confused me at first.  I couldn't believe I was seeing what I was seeing.

Look at the shield on the escudo in the bottom center of the picture.  Look at that escudo very carefully.  Get the orientation of the shield and its elements.

Now look at the shield of the escudo at about 11 o'clock from there.  Study that shield.

They may not be the exact same shield, I can't tell that for sure. (The shields changed from time to time to show political changes.)  But the one on the upper left looks very odd.  I've never seen the lions and castles of Leon and Castile on the right side of the shield, and the elements representing Naples and Sicily on the left.  I've seen a lot of reales and escudos shown in books etc., but I've never seen anything like that.  Maybe it has been documented and I'm not aware of it - I'm not expert in Spanish Colonial numismatics, so maybe I just never heard about it.   I'll call it the reversed-shield escudo.

 Common Shield Configurations.
In the illustration immediately above, the two circles and arrows that I added point out the two elements that I can see are reversed on the one shield in the photo.  Maybe the entire shield is reversed, but I can see for certain that those top elements are reversed.

I have never seen a shield with the the lions and castles on the right and with the birds of Naples and Sicily on the left.  I'll be going back to see if I have any better pictures of that particular escudo to see if the entire shield is reversed.

That still has me wondering how I'm seeing that, or if I am really seeing that.


Predicted Path of Erika According to
The big news for me today is that Erika has shifted more to the North.  It appears now that she could stay off shore as she passes east of the Treasure Coast.  As you know, these things can change direction at any time, so keep an eye on it.

The surfing web sites are now predicting a surf reaching up to around twelve feet for Monday.  As you know, the surf predictions often change too, so keep watching that.

They are concerned that Erika will arrive during a full moon, causing flooding.

Thanks to Jorge Y. for sending that link.

It has been so long since we had much surf, and the predictions for a bigger surf have been wrong so many times in the past couple of years, that it is hard to believe.  Maybe we will finally see the beach get stirred up.  Maybe.


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