Tuesday, August 4, 2015

8/4/15 Report - Lost Wedding Band. Mel and Deo Fisher Collection Auction. Intuition and Forms Of Paranormal Perception. Balloons Coming Home.

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One of Two Possible Locations of Wedding Band Lost In Ocean.
A man's yellow gold wedding band engraved "Amélie & Pierre" was lost in the ocean at either Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale Aug. 2.  It wasn't noticed missing until he was in the water at Fort Lauderdale but was in the ocean at Palm Beach in front of Peruvian Ave. (shown above) earlier.

They don't know exactly where they were in Fort Lauderdale at the time.

Check for the engraving, which will provide a good ID.


 To view the online auction of the Mel and Deo Fisher Collection here is the link. 



Here is an interesting story.  Not metal detecting, but I thought it was interesting anyhow.

An Oklahoma widow and her daughter who spent their first Father's Day without dad this year released balloons and a message at his grave site — and may have gotten a "message" back.
The pair was stunned when — after leaving the cemetery, running a few errands, and driving 25 mile back home — the balloon's note showed up at their house...

Once home, Saige went downhill from their house to the pasture where she and her father worked together and spotted her message with the balloons — only a few hundred feet from the house....



The following remotely relates to the above story.

Nearly half of the adults in the United States believe in the existence of ESP, which includes telepathy (direct knowledge of another person's thoughts), clairvoyance (direct knowledge of remote events), and precognition (direct knowledge of the future). People commonly report unexplained knowledge of a loved one's death or a telephone caller's identity, for example, and attribute this knowledge to paranormal mental processing.

I've had those times, and I've sure many of you have too, when it seemed that a find was more than coincidental.

One time, for example, I was at work and only had a about an hour before another appointment, but kept feeling that I should go detecting at a particular location.   But I didn't have hardly any time.
I finally decided I would run down to the beach.  By the time I got to the beach and in the water, I had less than a half hour to hunt.  Well, I went in and in just a few minutes had a diamond ring with over nine carats of diamonds - seven diamonds, each over one carat.  I took my find and quickly left.

Normally I wouldn't have gone when I had so little time.  If traffic had been bad, I would have had no time.  But I felt like I should go.  It kept nagging me, and it paid off with an unusually good quick find.

I don't know if it was just coincidence, intuition, or something else.   I can't say with confidence that it was anything other than coincidence.

I do a lot of analysis.  I try to figure things out and make good calculated decisions.  You know that if you've been reading this blog very long.   Nonetheless,  I will follow my feelings at times regardless of anything else.  I doesn't pay off a lot.  I tend to do a lot better with a more analytical calculated approach.

One recent study by Harvard University claimed that by studying brain functions they found no experimental evidence for telepathy, clairvoyance or precognition.  Other books on similar things by scientists with good credentials indicates that there are conditions for such things and not all people have the same abilities. 

I find the Harvard study woefully inadequate anyway.   They were looking for electrochemical brain responses.  That is how normal perception works, but they were supposedly investigating "Extra-sensory" or paranormal perception.  Why would you expect paranormal perception to work just like normal perception.  If it did, it wouldn't be paranormal. 

I am not convinced either way and think alternative methods of perception may be possible, but I have no convincing evidence of them.  

Intuition could be nothing more than the assimilation of a lot of knowledge that isn't completely consciously clear at the time.  As tasks become automatic, you don't have to always be aware of each and every part of the task.   For example, you don't have think about putting one foot in front of the other and transferring your weight when you walk.  After you learn to walk, it becomes automatic.

Anyhow, I find good analysis and calculated decisions much more consistently productive, but I'm not ready to deny or ignore all of the subtle notions and feelings that I get.  As remarkable and stunning as intuitive successes might seem, they are much too rare.

I'd like to hear your stories of finds made through unusual coincidence, dowsing, intuition, ESP or any of those kinds of things.


On the Treasure Coast we still have the one and two foot surf.  Expect the same for several days.  We are having some decent size tides.

Happy hunting,