Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8/25/15 Report - The Treasure Coast Could Get a Hurricane Sunday or Monday. Example of A Jeweled Cross Escudo. Hunting Meteorites.

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Predicted Path of Erika
Source: nhc.noaa.gov
I'm changing the focus today.  We now have a new tropical storm - Erika.  Erika is headed towards the Bahamas and Florida and could possibly get here Sunday or Monday as a hurricane.

We'll have to wait to see how that actually develops.  It could fall apart or turn away.

Here is a forecast about that.


I'm hoping she doesn't hit us hard but skirts the peninsula just giving us some good waves.

That is something I'll be keeping my eye on.


In my 8/12/15 post I talked about the jeweled cross series of Mexican escudos.  Here is one.

Jeweled Cross Escudo.
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah Martinez.
This is not one of the most recent batch of gold cobs found on the Treasure Coast, but it is a good found example.

Notice the dots along the cross.  That is the characteristic that gives the name to the jeweled cross escudos.


I've been talking a lot about the most recent Treasure Coast discoveries made by the crew of the Capitana..  We all want to hear as much as we can about that.  There are so many things to think about and explore, but there are a lot of other things to talk about too.

I'll have more on the Treasure Coast escudos of 2015 in the near future, but here is something different today from SuperRick.

SuperRick hunts meteorites and gold out West but also occasionally visits Florida and hunts our beaches.  He talks about meteorites, something I have never hunted but am interested in and would love to try someday.  He also provides a number of links if you want to learn more about hunting meteorites.

Here is what Rick wrote.

Space Diamonds in Gold Country: California Meteorite's Secrets Revealed

I thought that I would start off with this story, because I was hunting for this meteorite the day after it hit California. Out here in the Las Vegas area we do not have the beaches to hunt, so I hunt primarily  meteorites, with a good sprinkling of gold prospecting.

 Every time I come back to Fla. I bring with me a Garrett ATX to hunt the beaches, but like everybody else have been locked out of finding anything that I would say is a good find because of all of the beach reclamation. Still waiting for that first storm and the right timing to hit the Treasure Coast.... 

...I have three different detectors and just bought a Deus XP, as we all know different detectors do different things, so I run a Gold Bug 2, a Whites MTX and  a Garrett ATX hunting for different things.

The Meteorite's are worth more that the gold if you find the right kind of a meteorite that is what we call a cold find, that the collectors don't have. So I primarily do nothing but cold hunts, which you can go month or years without finding anything. Doesn't sound like fun, now does it?

There are times that I will take the out-of-town guests out prospecting or meteorite hunting where I can almost guaranteed that they will find a very common meteorite on one of our many dry lake beds. All of those hunts are done by sight. We also have some strewn fields where again they stand a very good chance of finding a meteorite or gold.

Now I'm not going to put up any videos that I shot because most of the stuff that I do is cold hunting and we keep those locations very secret.  Some very enterprising hunters have tracked down where someone is hunting by the video that was put online.



I will back in Fla. The first week of September and right now looking at that first storm out in the Atlantic hoping to have my timing right to see some beach erosion, without any major damage to anything else!

By the way, you can find meteorites in Fla, but because of the vegetation you would be pretty hard-pressed to do so!
Now if any of you guys have any question you can send me an Email at superrick101@gmail.com

Thanks Rick!  I always like to learn about different types of detecting and am sure that others do as well.


I have some more good information and news relative to treasure hunting the 1715 Fleet.  I'll pick up with that again in the future.

Happy hunting,