Wednesday, August 5, 2015

8/5/15 Report - Salvage Boat At Work. Little Surf and Beaches Still Sanded. Gold Disc and Emerald Cross.

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Salvage Boat Near The Nieves Wreck Site This Morning.
Just over a week ago, on the 27th to be exact, I posted about a bunch of treasure including a great 8-escudo royal recently found by a salvage crew on the Treasure Coast.  After seeing pictures of the finds, I thought I probably knew where they came from.  Well I was down that way today and took a look.  The thing that surprised me was that the salvage boat was exactly where I thought they would be.

Here is a closer view.

Salvage Boat This Morning Near The Nieves Wreck Site.
You can see the blowers are up.

While the salvage crews are having some of the best hunting they've had since back in the eighties, the beaches are about as bad as I can ever remember.  It just has been a really long time since we've had anything to move the beach sand.

Here is Walton Rocks Beach As Seen This Morning.
Walton Rocks is pretty typical of what you will see on the Treasure Coast.  Big wide flat beach fronts.

John Brooks Beach This Morning.
John Brooks is a little steeper on the front beach.  The sand is more coarse.  Mushy.

Detectorist Out For A Morning Hunt by Fort Pierce Jetty.
There were about as many detectorists as beach goers this morning.  Not many targets on the heavily hunted beaches.  Poor conditions too.


Really Nice 82+ Ounce Gold Disc Up For Bids In Mel And Deo Fisher Collection Auction.
If you've been watching the auction, this gold disc has a bid of $60,000 already.

The gold and emerald cross that I showed the other day has eleven bids already.  The current bid is $70,000.  I think that item has the most bids of any item in the auction.  No doubt the post helped.

Here is the link again.


KT wrote and sent this link.

It is a site where people can post about lost items. Volunteer detectorists in the area will then go and hunt for the lost items.

KT also said, keep up the good work on the blog. as a landlocked geologist, i have really enjoyed your discussions of classification and attendant diagrams. took me back to my college days. if you havent already, you might want to study up on how crossbedding is formed in rocks. its basically size/density and migration of small geophysical structures. kinda gives you a 3D mental picture of how stuff is moving.

Thanks KT


Keep watching for the latest Treasure Coast 1715 Fleet Finds.

You can see from the photos what the beach detecting conditions are like.  

Expect several more days of one or two foot surf.

I can't wait to see something that stirs up the beaches.  It has to happen someday before long.

Happy hunting,