Thursday, August 6, 2015

8/6/15 Report - A Different Way To Use Your Scoop Very Effectively. Swimming Beach Finds Today. Intuition Experience By One Reader.

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This Mornings Finds.
I went out to the nearest swimming beach this morning to test out new ear phones.  I spent about an hour.

You want to have things in tip top shape or when we get a change in detecting conditions.  It is a good time for testing and experimentation.

You can usually find something at that beach, but usually cheap stuff.  That is the type of beach it is.

As in real estate, metal detecting is very much about location, location, location.

I did a post on metal detecting math one time.  That is very relevant here.  This beach is the type of place where the quantity is OK but the quality is poor.

Anyhow, the water was nice.  Good visibility. Gentle swells that increased a little after the sun got a little higher.

After hunting a little while, I turned my threshold down to silent.  That may have cost me a smidgen of depth, but nothing to be much concerned about.  I just liked the silence.  It was very pleasant with the gently rolling swells.

The shells that were visible on the sand were in little depressions.  The water movement was sufficient to move the sand where the water increased as it flowed around the shells, but was not sufficient to move shells of a certain size,

There were a lot of dive boats out today, as well as divers going in from the beach.   Lobster season began today.

Most people use their scoop something like a shovel.  I often use it more like a hoe.  In the water today the hoe method was uncommonly effective for some reason - I assume the currents.   It seemed to be working better than digging in and lifting.

If you have a deeper target and a decent size hole and still have not retrieved the object from the hole, you might try this method.

Put your scoop upside down in the far side of the hole.  Push down on the scoop with your foot.  And pull the scoop back towards you.

That was working uncommonly well this morning.  You might think that the object would fall out of the scoop but the sand and currents and upward movement tend to keep it in.  Even when it does not stay in the scoop, the object will probably end up outside the hole where it can easily be retrieved with the next scoop.

Also, if you need a really deep hole and can let go of your detector, use both hands on the scoop, and hoe like crazy.  That will get you a big deep hole in a hurry.  It combines fanning and scooping.


At the beach I was at today, there are some spots where you can usually find some things.  One of the best spots is right in front of the central life guard station, the other is down at another walkway.

You can usually find recent drops in the wet sand and in the water at those locations.  The wet sand coins can be a tip off to where the better water spots might be.  That does not always work, but sometimes it does.


Chattanooga (WDEF) - Federal Judge Curtis Collier sentenced two East Tennessee men to jail time for digging up Civil War artifacts.

39-year old Kenneth Fagin, Jr. from South Pittsburg and 61-year old Terry Tate from Manchester will serve 30 months in federal prison.

They were convicted of illegal archaeological excavation on federal property...

Here is the link for more of that story.


The other day I talked about intuition and such things and asked people to send in any personal stories.  Larry sent in this one.

One afternoon after working at home, I asked myself, "what must I do to find a gold ring within the next hour?". It was a positive intention such as I had never felt in my gold hunting experience before.

I pulled up google maps, centered it over my favorite park field, wherein I had already found 4 gold rings. I cleared my mind of all thoughts while simultaneously moving my hand over the monitor. My purpose was to lose all conscious thought of my hand. It was almost like going to sleep, as directed thought slips out of your control and you start to dream. At that point my hand stopped, seemingly without conscious intervention. I triangulated the spot with trees and light poles, all of which I was intimately familiar with already.

I walked directly to the spot, checked the landmarks just for confirmation, found a signal, dug a hole, and pulled out a nice gold band with 3 diamonds about .2 carats each. I went right home. I'd been in the field no more than maybe 5 minutes.

Was this supernatural? Had I willed the find to occur? Had the remote digital dousing actually "worked" by means that we are not aware of? Or was it all just the random lining up of all those events in a way that humans are evolved to interpret as connected and meaningful by assigning causation to hidden, metaphysical "forces"?

I think the later is true, though I prefer believing the former.

Btw, I later found gold ring #6, no dousing involved.

Thanks Larry.


Expect another week with the same kind of beach detecting conditions along the Treasure Coast.

Happy hunting,