Sunday, August 30, 2015

8/30/15 Report - Part 2 - A Look At Different Beaches This Morning As The Tide Was Coming In.

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I periodically do a survey of a sample of beaches along the Treasure Coast and thought this might be a good time to do one.

A few things have happened since I did my first post today.  For one, the remnants of Erika are now down around Key West and looks to be headed into the Gulf.

The second change is the Supermoon is giving us some high water.  The tide was coming in this morning when I went out to do my survey.

I'll show you what I saw.

John Brooks Looking North About 8 AM.
Turtle Trail This Morning.
Seagrape Trail As The Tide Comes In.
Up around the bend there was some cutting.  It looked like it could improve.  High tide was still maybe three hours away.

Detectorist At Seagrape Trail This Morning.
Other detectorists showed up at Seagrape Trail a little later.  It was getting close to high tide when you wouldn't have access to detect the beach front because of the high water.  Notice where the detectorist in the picture is.

Wabasso Beach This Morning.

Ambersands This Morning.
Ambersands didn't look promising at all.

I'm not upgrading my Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Rating at all at this point.  I'm keeping it at a 1, which is what has been all summer.

I think a few cobs might be found.  Remember Trez found some with out the benefit of the Supermoon.

The water is going to hit some of the cliffs, but it will be renourishment sand that is getting hit.

The high tide might wash up a few small cobs.


I did an earlier post today, so if you didn't see that you might want to go back and look at the earlier post.

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