Tuesday, April 11, 2017

4/11/17 Report - Cuts On Treasure Coast. EM Dive Sled On Atocha Site. Conquest of Peru.

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Three Foot Cut At John Brooks This Afternoon.
This has been happening a lot.  It seems every time a front comes through and we get a northeast wind, John Brooks cuts a little.  It has happened quite a few times lately.  It seems like every week or two.  Seems like the same old sand coming and going.  Not much but modern targets though.

Other beaches didn't show this type of cutting.

The interesting thing is the 5 to 8 foot surf that is predicted for this weekend.


Diver With EM Sled.

Aquasurvey Inc. used and EM sled to find a copper ingot and other artifacts on the trail of the Atocha.

The copper ingot was under about four feet of packed clay.

A gun barrel was another artifact they located.

Recovered Copper Ingot 

Here is the link to see the sled in operation as well as the recovery.


 The video is from the TV series Trail of the ATocha- second season.


A first Italian edition of Conquest of Peru by Francisco de Xerez is up for auction at Sotheby's.

Francisco de Xerez was with Francisco Pizarro on the mission to conquer the Incan Empire, and his work is one of the most important records of the conquest of Peru. "Xeres, the secretary of Pizarro, left Spain with him in January, 1530. This narrative was written by order of his master, while he was in America and was printed directly after his return to Seville, which he reached with the first installment of gold in July 1534. As is natural, with one who knew personally the actors in that drama and witnessed its sanguinary events, Xeres endeavours to extenuate their deeds of rapine, destruction and massacre. The narrative is interspersed with many anecdotes and personal reminiscences" (Church, pp.161-163).

Here is the link.


The auction estimate is 6 - 8 thousand British pounds.


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