Saturday, April 22, 2017

4/22/17 Report - Cooper's Treasure TV Program. Pirate Mucknell and His Ship.

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There is a lot of publicity for the new TV series Cooper's Treasure.  I didn't watch the entire first episode.  It seemed hoaky somehow to me.  Maybe it was just me.

It starts right off the bat with the title, which in my opinion was poorly chosen.  As soon as I see the words "Cooper" and "treasure" linked, I think of D. B. Cooper, not Gordon Cooper.  Then the first half of the first episode (which is the part I watched) seemed like a real stretch.

Anyhow, it is something worth checking out.  Maybe it will actually turn out to be good.  So far I don't have a good feeling about it.

Here is the link for more information about the show.

Thanks to Chrisopher P. for that link.


While conducting research on another topic, I found an interesting book.  It is about the pirate John Mucknell and the search for his ship.

Wikipedia says Mucknell was a commander in the East India Company.  He became the leader of a band of pirates that commanded seven ships from around 1644 to 1651.  The flagship was his 44-gun East India Company ship, the John.

A shipwreck hunter, Todd Stevens, believes he found the wreck of the John and wrote a book about the adventure.  The title is Pirate John Mucknell and the Hunt for the Wreck of the John.

You can read a free preview online by using the following link.


The Big Questions of Life.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

That is eventually replaced by, "What do you do."

After that, on those very rare occasions when someone cares enough to ask, the question is, "What did you do."

Then they ask, "Did you take your pills."  And you ask, "What day is it."

It doesn't take long.


The surf is supposed to pick up a little tomorrow.  The wind hasn't been coming from the right direction and the surf has been only two or three feet most of the time lately.

Happy hunting,