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4/19/17 Report - Piedmont Bar Most Likely Identified. Porcelain Doll's Leg. Cooper's Treasure TV Show. Research Tip.

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Found Antique Porcelain Doll Leg
I've found porcelain doll legs and arms before.  At least one was exactly like this one.  I sold it quickly and for a good price.  Below is a listing for very similar but slightly different porcelain legs that are listed on Ruby Lane.

The one shown above was found just a couple of days ago.   I'm wondering if it wasn't from the same doll as the one I found before.  The new leg isn't in perfect condition like the one I previously sold.


The first episode of a new treasure hunting program aired last night.  It started out referring to astronaut Gordon Cooper having detecting equipment on a space mission and keeping track of "hits" as he circled the globe.  The first episode then introduced a huge file of maps and notes on sunken shipwrecks and a few of the first exploratory dives.

You might find it interesting.

This web site will tell you more about the series.

Thanks to Dean for the link.


We have a good idea of what the mystery bar shown yesterday might be.  Bill P. and Dennis S. provided some great information.   The mystery bar appears to be a solder bar.  I found several examples in the literature.  Below is one example.


While I did not find a picture of a solder bar marked Piedmont, Piedmont is a common name associated with tin and soldering materials.

As you can see form the above illustration, solder bars were used in many applications ranging from automotive to roofing to  plumbing.

Thanks to my readers for the quick and excellent responses.


Always be alert to construction or anything that changes the landscape, whether an old deck or driveway is being removed, or a house is being torn down or trees are being removed.  Those things can open up new detecting territory.

Back some years ago they were removing the Australian Pines from some of the public parks.  When that happened there were a few finds made where the trees were removed.  That is just one example.


I always learn something interesting and useful while researching things like the mystery bar.  While doing that research I ran across several old mining and other professional journals, many of which provided some good reading and helpful detecting tips.

You can find journals and magazines that go back a hundred years or more online.  They can give you a lot of history.  While doing my research I saw where there were various kinds of mines, mills and other businesses that could be good hunting grounds.


Thanks to all who send me questions, comments and answers.  It helps me a lot.

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