Sunday, April 30, 2017

5/1/17 Report - Artifacts Exceeding Expected Valuations. Easy Bottle Find. Its Not All About The Search For Me.

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Source: Current Sedwick auction listing.

The current Sedwick auction is online and will be closing with live bidding this Wednesday and Thursday.

There are a couple artifacts that are doing very well with bids well over the auction estimates.  This small copper figure (possibly Inca) already has a bid of $425.  The auction estimate was $70 - $100.

Another artifact that has received bids well above the auction estimates is the following "Pear of Anguish."

Source: Current Sedwick Auction.

This non-shipwreck artifact is a torture device and already has a bid of $1700.  The auction estimate was $300 - $450.

Other items have already exceeded expectations, but generally not by so much.

Here is the link for this item.


Old Bottle Find.
I took a walk the other day to a bottle hunting area close to my home.  There were bottles from ranging over several decades in the shallow water.  Some were partially exposed in the sand at low tide.  This was one of those, and one of the older ones that I saw.  I've been past that spot hundreds of times, but there appears to be no end to the old bottles that surface from time to time.


I've heard some people say it is all about the search.  That seems to be a pretty good way to look at it, and it is probably true for some people, but for me it isn't all about the search.

The search is a big part of it, but there is so much more.  There is the find - sometimes.  And when there is a find, then another search sometimes begins.  There is the search to find the meaning of the find.  What does it tell you about current conditions and also about the local area and its history.

Then after all of that there might still be other important steps.  They might include cleaning and conservation.  And after that, finding the right home for the object.

Finding the meaning of the object can last many years.  It might be difficult to identify and date the object.  Where it came from and what it means is something that might take years to learn.

After recovering the story, the story needs to be maintained and sustained.  Part of that is finding a good home for the object.  It might be your home or it might be best to sell the object to a person that appreciates the object and is able to care for it.  A good home is one where the object and the story will be appreciated and passed on.

There are some objects that are not easy to maintain.  Ephemera is one type of object that does not stay in good condition if exposed to Florida heat and humidity.  Any type of object can deteriorate if it does not have the proper care.  You can't take it with you and there might come a time to pass on the objects that you appreciate.  Pass the story along with the objects.

There are other things too.  You learn and grow.  You deal with success and frustration.  And maybe you change.  They say that aging is not optional, but maturing is. I could disagree with the first part of that statement, but I get what they mean.

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