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4/13/17 Report - Couple Sinks In Beach Sand. Found Religious Medals. Ghost Ship. Higher Surf Saturday.

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Imagine walking down the beach when you suddenly sink in the sand up to your knees.  Then you are in up to your waist and chest.  You panic.

That is exactly what happened to this couple.

An evening stroll along Torquay Beach for Sam and John Gould quickly turned into a fight for survival.
Sam and her husband John were walking along the beach near the water on Monday about 6.45pm when suddenly they began to rapidly sink into the sand.
Within a few seconds the sand was up to Sam's waist and the more she moved the further down she sank until it was up to her neck.
It was a traumatic experience for John, who fought with all his strength in the darkness while waist deep in sand, to stop his wife from sinking further into the depths.
"On a fear factor of one to 10 - it was 100," a shaken John told the Chronicle...

Here is the link for the rest of the article.

Reminds me of the hymn that says "all other ground is sinking sand."

If you remember my posts on sand liquefaction ( 3/15/17 ), you'll understand how that could happen.

It is not surprising that this happened in front of a revetment wall.


Dug Religious Medallion Finds
Photo by Michael F.
Here is the email message that accompanied the above photo received from Michael F.

In reference to your article yesterday. Indeed religious artifacts are common finds, not only on beaches but also in parks and schools. Below is a photo of a display I made of some of the religious and good luck medallions I have found over the years. Not unusual, I’m sure , but I think they make an attractive display.

An avid reader of your daily reports,

Mike in New Jersey.

Thanks much Mike.  Nice collection.


A kayaker found a 110-year-old ghost ship on a small tributary of the Ohio River.

Here is the link for that story.


I picked up a nice fossil on a Treasure Coast beach this week.  So there are some old things surfacing, but fossils are different than coins.


The surf is supposed to peak Saturday at 4 - 7 feet.  That is a three foot range, so there is a good bit of uncertainty.  If it is seven feet, we could be looking at some beach improvement, depending upon other factors.

The primary swell will be more east than northeast though, so don't expect much.

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