Wednesday, April 5, 2017

4/5/17 Report - Hutchinson Island Beach Conditions. Atocha Emeralds and Gomar Collection.

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Typical Beach This Morning.
I looked at a few beaches this morning.  Every one had newly accumuated sand.

John Brooks, Another Mushy Beach.

Shell Pieces Near High Tide Line
You can see from the above picture that the water had been fairly high and washed up pieces of shells. 

Fort Pierce Jetty Park
The renourishment sand is almost all gone now.  Heavy equipment is ready to begin the next renourishment project though. That will begin soon.

One More Beach With Nothing But Sand This Morning.

As you can see beach conditions generally are not good right now.  We've had a few days or southeast winds.


The Marcial de Gomar Collection of rare emeralds, including the largest collection of cut emeralds from the Atocha, will be auctioned on April 25 beginning at 7 PM by Guernsey's auction house. The auction will also include coins from the 1715 Fleet.

Click here to view the ecatalogue.


Snake hunters received a $600 reward for capturing a 15 foot python in the Everglades.


The past few days I've been talking a bit about erosion.  Erosion can be one good sign of improving beach conditions, but old shipwreck coins can be found at times when there is little or no erosion. That mostly occurs when the high seas and tides push up high on the beach, such as after a hurricane when the unusually high water comes directly from the east.  Shells will often be pushed up onto the beach then too.

Those times are not as good as when you have some good erosion though.  Cobs on uncut beaches will usually be few and scattered.  The exception is when the high water hits the dunes and washes cobs out from the dunes.  Then you can get good numbers.


A cold front will be coming through.  A higher surf is not predicted though, until next week.

The pink diamond I mentioned the other day sold for over 70 million dollars.

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