Thursday, April 20, 2017

4/20/17 Report - Barber Dime and Other Fort Pierce Yard Finds. Small Surf and Tides. Satellite Views.

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1899 Barber Dime Find.
Find and photo by Erin A.
 I've said it before.  Detect your yard.  This dime, along with the mystery bar and some items I'll show below, was found in a Fort Pierce yard after a deck was removed.

Same Dime.
Photo by Erin A.
Here is an interesting bit of trivia.  According to forecasters, the farthest south snow had ever fallen in Florida was along a line from Fort Myers to Fort Pierce back in 1899. But now, for the first time on record, snow was falling in Southeast Florida, from West Palm Beach to Broward County and south across Miami-Dade.  (January 19, 1977 Sun Sentinel)

If the dime was clean and new, this is what it would look like.

I don't know the mint of the found dime.  That would have some impact on its value.

Also found in the same yard were the following (all by Erin A.).

2 Inch High Pineapple.
Doll Leg



Thanks for sharing Erin.


I recently removed some plants from an area of my yard and went over it with one detector.  Didn't find anything interesting.  I'll take another detector over it sometime soon.


Here is a web site you can use to view the earth from various satellites.  You might enjoy playing with it.


It looks like we're stuck with two or three foot surf and flat tides.  In a few days we'll get bigger tides, including some negative tides, along with a more east/northeast swell.

Happy hunting,