Friday, April 21, 2017

4/21/17 Report - Tropical Storm Arlene Has Formed. Density of Common Metals. Dug Bronze Ship Spike. Sedwick Auction.

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Old Bronze Shipwreck Finds.

Looks like a broken spike and a broken rod or pin.

Here is a useful list of densities for a large variety of metals.

Just picking out a few in kg per cubic meter.

Aluminum is in the 2700 -2800 range.

Bronze is around 7400 - 8900.

Cast iron 6800 -7800.

Gold is 19320.

Lead is 11340.

Silver is 10490.

Of those gold is most dense, then lead, silver, bronze, iron and aluminum.

Although there are other factors that I've mentioned in the past that will affect where and when you will tend to find those things, those numbers will give you some idea.

Shape is one very important factor.  I've talked about that in the past.


The first tropical storm of the year formed in the Atlantic.  It was named Arlene.


Happy hunting.