Saturday, September 14, 2013

9/14/13 Report - Good Finds and Bad Finds Both Tell You Things & Hurricanes.

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Gold Ring Beach Find
This ring is sort of unusual.  Modern jewelry is the best bet right now with the current beach conditions being so poor.  

This particular ring has a lot of surface area but is thin and not as heavy as it looks.  As compared to the small gold chain that I showed not long ago, this is an easy target.  

As far as quality goes this ring is not high quality but nevertheless is gold and worth a little.

The amount of surface area on this ring will keep it from sinking as fast as a more compact gold ring of the same weight and density.  The surface area will also produce a good strong signal if not too deep.

Humberto and Ingrid are still out there.  Humberto looks to be headed north into the Atlantic, while Ingrid is headed to Mexico.

Gold and silver fell to a new low for the month on Thursday, but gold recovered a little on Friday.

I picked up a wheat penny the other day on a heavily hunted beach in the dry sand.  It wasn't deep at all.   That is a bit of a mystery.  It had enough corrosion on it to suggest it wasn't a newly lost item.  Sometimes you find things where you just wouldn't expect them.   Not long ago I found a centuries old button in near the same type of location.  Just leaves me scratching my head.

Junk Finds From Another Beach.

The above junk was found at the edge of the water.  I don't know if they go together or not.  It's possible.

Always evaluate finds.  Continually evaluate beach conditions, and besides reading the beach, see what the finds are telling you.

If you recall, not too long ago I talked about how some beaches have better quality items than others.  The first thing I thought of when I dug the axe, which was dug before the junk chain, is that this could be one of those low-quality beaches.  I didn't give up on that beach right away though.  Sometimes there are exceptions and sometimes you need a bigger sample.    But when your sample gets bigger and you are still finding a lot of junk, you might be better off moving to a beach that on the average produces better stuff.

I'm always evaluating a number of factors and will move on or stay a while depending upon what is being dug.   Not only will items like this tell you something about the people that visited that beach, but they will also tell you something about beach conditions and where the heavy and lighter materials are located.  These are on the light side.

**  Remember that when I say "light," I don't mean exactly that.  As I've explained before, there are other factors beside weight or density that determines where items will be found.

Anyhow, items like this even if not desirable finds, do provide some good information.  Sometimes they tell you to move on.   They can also tell you to move to another zone of the beach where you might find better materials.

We still have the all too common 1 - 2 foot surf on the Treasure Coast.  That, however, will be changing a little.  The surf will increase to a peak of about 3 - 5 feet by Wednesday.   That is not a lot, but it is something.

Overall, beach conditions for hunting older items remains poor on the Treasure Coast.

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