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9/26/13 Report - Clifford's Pirate Ship Salvage, St. Lucie County History Museum, Old Bricks & More

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Yesterday I commented on the local salvage season coming to an end.  The same thing has already happened up north.

Yesterday Fox News did a piece on Brandon and Barry Clifford who have been salvaging the Whydah.  They said they won't be back out on the Whydah this year but will be moving from Cape Cod to Africa to hunt the wreck of one of Billy the Kidd's ships.

One reason I wanted to comment on that is that I've been talking about treasure museums a little.

The Clifford's said they don't sell anything they find.  So what do they do with it all?   They have traveling shows.  The public gets to see what they've found.  And as I've been pointing out, the public is interested in such things.

Here is the link to the FoxNews video on the Cliffords treasure search story.\

Cannons From the Whydah.
From FoxNews video.
There are some interesting trends in the responses to the blog poll.  It is too early for me to comment on those, but I think we'll see something interesting.

Of course, other groups do something similar.  Odyssey Marine Explorations Inc. also has traveling treasure shows or displays.

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I still remember many years ago when I stopped at Art KcKees treasure museum down in the keys and the museum was closed but Art came out to talk.  He was known for that sort of thing and personally gave many private tours to delighted tourists.

Back to the poll blog on treasure museums.  Dennis S. wrote to let me know about an omission.  I actually thought about this at the time but didn't include it.   I can't do it now with the poll already running.

Here is what Dennis said.

I saw your poll on museums.  You might want to add one. The county museum in Fort Pierce,  \ , west bound side of the causeway, is interesting. It has a small section on the 1715 fleet,  It has two charts of the 1715 lease areas on the wall.. The picture of the bullet [in the blog] reminded me of the WWII section of the museum. I was surprised at the size of the amphibious base on the south side of the inlet.  It took up the entire north end of the island. I knew about the SEAL training on the north side of the inlet but nothing about the amphibious training base on the south side of the inlet.

Thanks Dennis.  There are still a lot of left overs from the WW II exercises that pop up on the beaches from time to time.

Things besides silver and gold change in price.

KovelsKomments says,

An annual "World Wealth Report" study of the most profitable luxury-item investments for 2013 says classic cars have gone up 28 percent since the end of 2012. Coins are up 9 percent; stamps, 7 percent; watches, 4 percent; Chinese ceramics, 3 percent; and jewelry, 2 percent. But antique furniture is down 3 percent and fine art is down 6 percent.

That should help your argument if you've been trying to get your wife to agree to your purchase of a collectible car.

Did you know that some people collect old bricks, especially the ones with the names or initials on them?  Not only are old bricks collected by collectors, they are used to add that extra touch to new homes and buildings.

I like the old bricks with the names or initials on them. 

Sometimes you can find a brick on a beach that actually came form an old shipwreck.  Keep your eyes open for those.  They were often used in a ship's galley.  To me, they make an interesting find.  The galley bricks will generally be of different dimensions than modern building bricks.

Reclaimed bricks are popular for building modern homes because of the attractive and distinctive look of the aged clay.

On the Treasure Coast the surf will only be about one foot Thursday but the low tide will not be very low.

The surf will pick up to about 3 - 4 feet by Saturday.

Happy hunting,