Sunday, September 15, 2013

9/15/13 Report - Larger and Smaller Gold Finds, Bigger Surf Coming Soon

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Gold Beach Detector Find
This morning was rainy with a lot of thunder and lightening.  I don't know if that will continue all day or not.  Probably not.

One promising thing that I see in the forecast is the 4 - 6 foot surf that is predicted for Wednesday.  We haven't had anything that big for quite a while - seems like it has been all summer since anything like that.   4 - 6 feet is sort of low to borderline for  improvement in beach detecting conditions.  And, as I've said, many times, depends upon other factors such as the direction of the wind and waves.  At least I think we can expect a little stirring and some small erosion.  I doubt that it will improve beach detecting conditions much, but we'll have to wait and see.

On the hurricane front, Humberto has weakened but is expected to strengthen again.   Ingrid is still expected to track into Mexico.

Lots of floods in Colorado.   That reminds me of El Dorado Canyon near Boulder Colorado  That is someplace you might like to visit if you are ever out that way.   It attracts world-class rock climbers from all around the world.  The sheer rock cliffs are amazing.  There is a neat old cave there as well as other interesting historic sites.

Small Gold Beach Find.
Heavy rains can unearth things - even some on the local beaches.  It will wash the face of any cliffs and of course on inland sites it can create erosion and soak the ground for better detecting.

Rain and thunder also can cause people to hurriedly leave the beach.  That can result in losses.

Here is another gold beach find.  It is very small.  It would only fit the finger of a little girl and is very thin.

Compared to the much more bulky gold ring shown above, this one would not give nearly as strong a signal and would be very easily missed like the small gold chain that I showed a few days ago.

I would bet that a lot of people would miss this one.  It wouldn't take much to miss it.

One thing I think I forgot to mention yesterday about the junk find, is that you should also pay attention to any signs that an item was lost some time ago.   Beaches change over time.  Where a particular beach might be popular and visited by one group of people for a while and then go down hill, there can be different eras when a beach has higher and then lower quality items.  Look for any good clues that you can get from either  finds or research, and try to learn what the different eras are for different beaches.   Sometimes hotels are new, popular and thriving, and then they'll get run down, and then sometimes be revived and become popular again.

Just because a beach is not attracting and good crowd now doesn't mean that it never did and vice versa.

I know of several resort hotels that have gone the full cycle, going from the playground of the rich and famous, then getting run down and then being revived again.  That can mean different layers or zones that produce items of varying quality.   The recent drops can be either high or low quality, while there are other layers or zones with the opposite.

An old area that seems to produce nothing much good can be a good place to find high quality items when the older stuff is stirred up or uncovered.

The bigger ring shown at the top of the post came form a run down area that was once a much more popular place.

Again, get to know your beaches - as they are now AND as they once were.   You'll find the most competition at the placs that are popular now, not at the places that were popular in the past.

Today through Tuesday the surf on the Treasure Coast is predicted to be 2 - 3 feet.   Then Wednesday 4 - 6 feet.

Low tide this morning was about 11 AM.

Happy hunting,