Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9/25/13 Report - Gold Finds, New Poll, Brass(?) Ring, and $8 Million Sunken Treasure

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Gold Charm Detector Find
Find and Photo by Michael E.

I wouldn't say hurricane season is over yet, but nearly so.  And despite the early predictions for an active season, this season has been very quiet.

The salvage season is pretty much over too, I would suspect.  For 1715 wrecks it has been a very eventful salvage season.  Good and bad alike.

For gold finds, it has been a very good salvage season.  Some seasons are good and some not so good.  This year there were two crews that made big gold finds.

The calmer seas that helped the salvage crews did not help the beach hunters.  There have been, and continue to be, some old shipwreck discoveries made on the beach, but overall it has been a slow summer for beach hunters.

To the left you see Michael E.'s gold charm found on the beach.  Way to go Michael!  Keep swinging.

And there have been, and continue to be, a few old shipwreck beach finds this summer.

Below is one of the more recent finds by William M., who showed us a couple of recent cobs.  You can see them in recent posts.

This ring is small, unmarked, and he says, appears to be brass.  It's identity is not certain, but it was found in the same general area as the cobs.   Good find William!

Small Brass Ring Found and Photoed by William M.

If you've found a ring that looks like this one, Michael would like to know.  To me it looks like it could be 18th Century.

You might have noticed that I posted a new poll on the blog.  I hope you will participate by entering your responses.

As I've said before metal detecting and treasure hunting have a significant economic impact on the Treasure Coast.  This poll will give us more information about just one of the treasure related things that residents and tourists are interested in and spend their money on.  It also undoubtedly accounts for part of the popularity of the Sebastian Inlet State Park, which I recently found out is one of the most visited state parks in Florida.

Since Florida has more sunken gold and is well known for shipwreck treasures, the state needs to better publicize and benefit from Florida's most unique resource and tourist draw.  Hiding tons of shipwreck coins in a dusty basement won't do it.

Your answers to the blog poll might help us let others know how important detecting and treasure hunting is to our area.

Small 10K Ring Beach Find

Here is another small modern gold ring found on a Treasure Coast beach.  

Everybody, it seems, knows something about the sunken Spanish galleons along the Treasure Coast, but there are plenty of other sunken treasures along the Florida coastline.

Do you know about the 8 million dollar treasure said to be in 20 or 30 feet of water off of Fort Myers?

Here is a link to that story.

On the Treasure Coast today, low tide will be about 7 PM.  The tides have moderated some.

We'll have a surf of only about 1 - 2 feet.  By Saturday, that is predicted to increase to up around 3 or 4 feet.

Happy hunting,