Monday, September 30, 2013

9/30/13 Report - 450-Year-Old Shipwreck Being Salvaged, Dug Tampa City Hall Badge & More

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Dug Badge
Find and Photo by William M.

First, here is the TBR Find of the Day (FOD).

William M. recently dug this old badge. Very nice dug item!  Great condition.

William went off beach for this find.  That is a good thing to do sometimes, especially when you have a good idea on a place to hunt and the beaches have been stale.

Way to go William!

I did a quick google search but didn't find this particular item yet.  

If you find out more about it, let me know.

A similar type of item was sold by the police benevolent society during the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Below is a picture of that modern fund-raising badge, which shows the Tampa city hall.

William's dug badge probably goes back to the early 1900s.

Here is the source link for the picture of the modern version.

I received an email from a female detectorist saying that she felt limited in her detecting because she didn't want to detect alone in isolated locations.  She was wondering about safety measures and any tips that anyone might be able to offer.

Many men prefer to have a hunting buddy, and that is certainly a good idea for a lot of reasons.  I think it would also be a very good idea for women detectorists.

I thought maybe some of you female detectorists, might provide some thoughts on safety or maybe get together for some buddy hunting.    Let me know.

There is only one day remaining to respond to the blog poll.  The early results seem to be suggesting some interesting things that have a practical significance for our hobby.  

Please respond to the poll if you haven't already.

Which is more valuable -  rare 15th and 16th century silver coins or pewter tableware of the same age?   You might be surprised.

A Florida based treasure hunting company is salvaging a 450-year-old shipwreck near the Dominican Republic and has found 15th and 16th century silver coins and a 16th century pewter tableware set complete with maker's marks.  The tableware is valued at millions of dollars.

Here are links that provide access to more of that story.

The National Hurricane Center storm map shows nothing new.  The same two areas are shown with little change in position or strength.

On the Treasure Coast we are supposed to get a 2 - 3 foot surf for a few days now before the surf decreases a little.

The tides are still relatively flat.  The low tides have been pretty high lately.

Please respond to the poll, let me know if any of you women might want to form a buddy list or have any other good ideas, and let me know if you find anything on William's dug badge.

Happy hunting,