Wednesday, September 4, 2013

9/4/13 - The Recent 1715 Nieves Site Gold Find In The News

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Graphic From ABC News Piece
Link below.

Well, they did it again.  Another escudo yesterday!  That on top of all the previous gold and silver finds.

People have been hunting the Nieves site for decades.  Sometimes more, and sometimes less.   Lots of dry holes, and lots of finds.  Treasure plays hide and seek it seems.   Some people go away discouraged, and others doing the happy dance.  Its a big ocean.  You can hit lots of nothing and then move over a little, and whoooops, there it is!   That's life.    Right time and right place - or not.

Here is the ABC News link.

I remember watching Moe and gang out there.

I said in a post that the media should pick up on this story and they did.  It appeared all over the place today, including national news.

The last time I said the media should pick up on a story, it did.  That was when Michael E. found and returned that $4000 engagement ring to a happy couple.

The treasure of the Black Swan also comes to mind.  Good thing the doctrine of sovereign immunity doesn't apply here.  Here is the link to the summary on that story.

I usually hold back on details unless I'm told I can post them, but when stories hit the national media it is all out there.

So here are a few stills from the ABC piece, including some of pictures of the escudos below.

Arrrrrr  Booty Entering Fort Pierce Inlet 


Two Escudo

Eight Escudo

Encrusted Escudo

And here is one link to a video on the story from the Huffington Post.

Tomorrow I'll take a better look at some of the coins.

Thats all I have time for right now.   Gotta run.

Happy hunting,