Wednesday, September 18, 2013

9/18/13 Report - Found Half Reale, Shipping Detectors For Repair and Current Beach Conditions.

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Find and Photo by William M.
Here is the other side of William M.'s cob that I showed yesterday that had the Mexican cross on it.

Looks to me like this side is showing a part of a Philip monogram.

William said it is so light he could blow it off of his hand.

I think you can see on the upper right where some of the silver has been lost.

As I mentioned to William, I'm not surprised that it is particularly light since conditions have been so poor.

Little cobs like this can be washed around with shells.  I've found them in a shell line at the top of the berm after the berm had been breached.

Here is a nice link showing a variety of nice half reales.  Take a look.

I had a detector that needed to be sent for repairs.  In the past I've used UPS.  I found out they are not the best choice now.  I packed the control box, ear phones and coil in a fairly small box, and they told me the cheapest would be about $13.70 for regular ground, which would take about a week for delivery.

I went to the US Post office and found they were cheaper for regular mail, and if I used a Flat Rate Priority Mail box, it was even cheaper.   And of course, priority mail does not take as long.

Therefore, if you have to send a detector for repairs, consider Flat Rate Priority Mail.  It has the other benefits too, such as tracking.

I was able to use a relatively small Flat Rate box in this case because this detector's coil is relatively small and the control box is also compact.  You might have to use a slightly larger box and pay a couple more dollars.

Cut Seen This Morning On One Treasure Coast Beach

This is the same area that I showed two days ago in the following photo.

As of this morning, the waves hadn't picked up yet.  It was pretty tame out there.  The surf was supposed to pick up later in the day.

Notice that now instead of two steps, there was now only one.  The beach smoothed out, and only one small one foot plus cut remains at the top of the beach.

One of the most recent high tides came up over the berm.  The lower cut was filled in and the front beach generally smoothed over.

Notice also that the sea weed is now gone except for what remained above the berm on the flat beach.

Photo of Same Area Two Days Ago.

While beach detecting conditions did not improve here, you can see that sand was definitely moved around.  The beach looks very different today than two days ago.  

It isn't a bad idea to compare photos of the same beach to get a better idea of how the sand is moving.

As you can probably tell, the top photo was taken from closer to the water than the bottom photo.

Humberto is still out there but won't be coming our way.

The surfing web site is predicting a 4 - 6 foot surf for late Wednesday and through Thursday.   The high tide will be higher than yesterday, and so probably will come up over the berm again in some places.

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