Sunday, September 22, 2013

9/22/13 Report - Miscellaneous Finds, Another Cob, and Man Rewarded for Turning in Bag of Cash

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There are continuing miscellaneous finds around the Treasure Coast.  Some are undoubtedly related to the full moon and the recent higher high tides.

Michael E. is continuing his string of ring finds.  Here are two silver rings he found at one beach.

Finds and Photos by Michael E.
He also found this old bullet.

Find and Photo by Michael E.

As you probably know if you've been detecting the Florida Coast very long, WW II finds are not uncommon.  I've done posts before talking about dug shells and the marks that can tell you where and when the were manufactured.

You probably also know that the Treasure Coast was the site of a lot of training activities during the war.  You might want to visit the Navy Seal Museum to learn more about that.

I once saw the most monstrous vehicle, probably operated by the Army Corps of Engineers, that was used to remove the concrete landing craft barriers that look like huge jacks from the shallow water north of Pepper Park.  I really wish I had a photo of that machine.   It was widee than A1A, which was closed when the vehicle was brought in, and drove down the beach on huge tracks and into the water where it remained while the barriers were removed.  It was quite a land/sea salvage vessel.  What I could have done with that thing!!

New Find and Photo by William M.

William is still on a streak.  Above is the latest.

I told you not to expect a reward for returned finds.  As I've said, as hard as it is for me to understand, people don't generally reward the work and/or honesty that results in getting their lost items back.

Here is one case in which a man who turned in a bag filled with cash and travelers checks worth $40,000 did get a reward for his efforts, but it wasn't from the person who got the bag of money back.  It was from someone else who noticed the honesty of the homeless man and set up a fund for him.

Here is the link to that story.

I recently read that some people are simply not wired to empathize or be able to take the perspective of others.  Thankfully there are some people who can do that, and thankfully there are some people who care about others.

Gold and silver prices have been fluctuating wildly - up Wednesday and Thursday and then down again Friday.

Here is the link to that story.

I recently found a 1967 United Kingdom One Penny on a local treasure beach.  That was a bit of a surprise.   It looked like a half dollar when I dug it up.  It was covered with a green crust.  The biggest penny I ever dug.

Below is a find worth a little more.

Heavy 14K Initial Ring Treasure Coast Beach Find

The surf today on the Treasure Coast will be around 2 - 3 feet Sunday and the high tide will not be quite as high as it was.

The surf will be dropping to a low of around 1 - 2 feet by Wednesday and then increasing again a little by Friday.  That means mid week will be a good chance to check the areas lower on the beach.

There is only one tropical disturbance in the Atlantic now.   Our slower than normal hurricane season continues despite what was predicted for this season.   There is nothing that is going to affect us seriously real soon.

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