Saturday, September 28, 2013

9/28/13 Report - Scallops on Beach This Morning, Gold Medallion, Treasure From Sky & Good Goodwill

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A Treasure Coast Beach Saturday Morning.

Yesterday afternoon the wind picked up and was coming from the northeast.  That was what I was expecting from the surfing web site predictions.

This morning I went out to see what if any effect it had on the Treasure Coast beaches.  I took a look at three different beaches.  The photo above is typical of what I saw.

You can see the remains of an old worn nearly two-foot step behind the scallops.  The high tide didn't get back that far.  The sand on the front beach was a course brown sand that was pretty mushy.

Other beaches that I looked at this morning had similar scallops near the high tide line.

There were very few shells and no sea weed.

There was certainly no improvement in beach detecting conditions.

I don't remember if I posted this find before or not.  I think not.  Anyhow it isn't a brand new find, but was found on a Treasure Coast beach.

It is 14K religious medallion.  It is thin and has a lot of cut-outs.   Also, it's on a gold chain.

A box filled with precious gems worth hundreds of thousands of dollars was found by a mountain climber on a glacier near Chamonix France.  He turned in the box filled with the gems.
It looks like the box of gems could have come from one of two airplane crashes in the area back years ago.
Here is the link.

That goes to show that treasure does occasionally fall out of the sky.  Not often, but if you're real real lucky you might just be in the right place at the right time.

More than $40,000 of jewelry was accidentally left with a donation to Goodwill.   A worker found the jewelry and returned it.

People sometimes ask me about cameras and videos.  The picture shown today was a Sony Handycam HD. This camera takes very good beach pictures and is an overall very good camera for taking videos and stills.   I'm not totally sold on the microphone though, although I haven't really explored that much, so it might just be a matter of me not setting it for optimal results.

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The surf today is supposed to get up to around 3 or 4 feet.  It will stay around 2 - 3 feet for a few days and then go down from there by next weekend.

Low tide today was around 9:30 AM.

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