Monday, September 16, 2013

9/16/13 Report - Cob Found During Challenging Beach Detecting Conditions & Some Miscellaneous Stuff

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Small Cob Recently Found on Treasure Coast Beach
Find and Photo by William M.
Despite the poor beach detecting conditions we've been having most of this summer, William M. took up the challenge and found a cob on a treasure beach. 

I think it was just yesterday that I talked about a wheat penny that showed up where I wouldn't expect it and also recalled a similar centuries-old button that also appeared where I would not have expected it.

My system is based upon probabilities and making the most of your time in the field.  You can occasionally win against the odds if you have the patience to keep at it.

As I've said before, time on task is the biggest factor in detecting success.  If you hunt hard enough and long enough you will find surprises.  That is why it is important to be optimistic. 

It is also important to have well defined goals.  You can't adjust your detecting to meet your goals optimally unless you have well defined goals.

And although time on task is very important, you can always improve the odds through skill.  That is how I define skill.  It is doing what you can to improve the probability of success. 

William had success when success was not easy.  Above you see the cob he recently found on a local treasure wreck beach.

Closer Look at Same Cob.
The photo of the other side doesn't show much of anything I can make out.  A picture of the other side can be seen below.

It just goes to show once again, if you keep swinging and sifting there is always a chance of coming up with something good.

Let me know whatever you might be able to identify about this cob from the photos.

Yesterday (Sunday) after the morning thunder storms stopped there were some pretty good wind coming off of a local storm.  As I've said before, even local rain storms can cause increased waves and a little erosion.  There were enough clouds and wind to make it a little more comfortable than it has been with all of the hot humid summer heat.

It looks like late Tuesday the surf will increase along the Treasure Coast beaches.  It looks like it will be 3 - 5 feet.  That is the most recent prediction that I've seen.

It looks like the 3 - 5 foot surf will last about three days.  That should help a little although maybe not enough for me to upgrade my beach detecting conditions rating.

Other Side of William's Cob Find.

I've learned a little over the past few years, and I've adjusted how I do my ratings a little but not a lot.  It has been so consistently poor this summer and even longer than that so I haven't bee posting  my ratings everyday.  Now I doing it mostly only when there is a change.

At the beach just a little while ago I found one place that had a one foot cut that ran for a little while.  It was the same beach that I last posted photos of.  There was a little start of a cut there then.  It increased just a little.

Another beach I saw had a firm low front where the sand bar was merging with the front beach.  Near the merger was an area with some targets.  Most were on the top of a layer of shells that was covered by several inches of sand.

The largest cruise ship to capsize is being parbuckled by salvage crews.

Here is the link.

I wonder how all the stuff left behind by passengers will be recovered, if at all.

Here is how the mints make the hubs and dies to produce our coins.

Here is what the sky looks like when you are out away from lighted cities.  It is really amazing when you are somewhere where you can see it like this.

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