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3/11/14 Report - Dug Silver Casino Chip and 1920s Florida Beach Casinos

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Silver Ten Dollar Luxor Casino Chip Water Find.

I say that you can find almost anything on a beach or in the water.  One type of object that I have found on more than one occasion that actually has some value includes casino tokens or chips.  I've only found a few, but the few that I have found were surprisingly in very nice condition though not very old.  One was found at the edge of the water but in a plastic case.  When I dug it up it was still like new.

Here it is, still in its plastic case.

The plastic case undoubtedly affected where it was found.  The plastic case lightened the object and provided an air pocket.

Like a watch, which might also have air pockets if it is still intact, that means it will be found with lighter objects than otherwise would be the case.

In the 1920s there were many casinos on or near the Florida beaches.  Being a resort destination, though, you'll find casino chips from around the country and around the world on our Florida beaches.

You might be lucky enough to find a Florida casino chip from back in the 1920s.  As I said, there were a number of casinos to be found around the state.  I've detected in the water in front of a few of them.  Maybe you have too without even knowing it.

Old Miami Beach Casino From the 1920s.
Source: http://www.windmillworld.com/world/miamicasino.htm
Here is a picture of Windmill World.  It had a casino and was located near the South end of Miami beach.

Or maybe you've detected near the casino near the end of Hollywood Beach Blvd.

Below are a couple more pictures of Florida casinos.

Here is a little information on the value of casino chips that I found by using this link.


You might think that, as with coins, the rarest or oldest casino chips are the most valuable. This isn't always true, though. Collecting casino chips is a little like collecting sports memorabilia in that collectors are interested in the story behind what they're buying. This is usually the story of the casino the chips originated from. One of the most popular kinds of stories is about the illegal gambling houses that started up in the Midwest towards the end of prohibition. Poker chips from these establishments are known as "illegal chips." The drama and intrigue surrounding the illegal casinos catches a lot of people's imaginations, which gives greater value to the poker chips associated with them. Many collectors believe the value of illegal chips will continue to increase as more people get interested in casino chip collecting.

1920s Cocoa Beach Casino.

Here is a casino that was located at Cocoa Beach.  Naturally it isn't as large as the facility at Miami Beach, but it had bath houses and a casino.

You can read more about it by using the following link.


And here is a picture of the resort where the Hollywood Beach Casino was located.  

The 1926 hurricane devastated Florida and brought an end to the Florida Land Boom and pushed Florida into the Great Depression.  That closed many of the old Florida casinos and put an end to an interesting part of Florida history.

One additional note on casino chip collecting.  Unlike those that I've found while detecting, many are plastic and have no metal content.  Those that I've found were partly silver.  Unlike the one above that is all silver, others are partly plastic and partly silver.

Here is a link to another web site on casino tokens.  There are various terms to use if you want to do more research on the topic.  Casino tokens or gaming tokens or chips are two.


The experiment I reported on yesterday where the object stepped down a sand slope under water was a totally submerged environment.  That is important and I wanted to point that out.

It is what can happen under the right conditions in the water and shows how objects can find their way to deeper water and into holes.

Also note that the current had a effect such as air rushing over an airplane wing, but in this case was not strong enough to actually lift the object.

On the Treasure Coast the water is very calm today.  The surf is very small and the tides have flattened out.

The wind is from the West.

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