Saturday, March 15, 2014

3/15/14 Report - Casting TV Show, Big Cut and Variety of Old Items Found

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Every once in a while I get contacted by a TV production company to do a reality program.  I haven't seen any that I am interesting in doing yet.

I think what they should have for this one is a deep sea diver with a treasure resume.

Here is part of their banner.  They are also interested in some one with an interest in exploring the Bermuda Triangle.

If you are an experienced treasure diver and want to send them a resume, I'll give you their contact information.

It is a Los Angeles -based production company.

As you know yesterday I had to reset my Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions rating back to a 1 (poor) after only one day of having a 2 rating.  There are however still some big cuts around.

They aren't well placed though.  My rating scale is for old shipwreck items, and these cuts aren't in any of the areas that would significantly increase the likelihood of finding those types of items.  Furthermore, the big cuts are in replenishment sand.  Replenishment sand seems to always be the first to go since it shouldn't be there anyhow.

Six Foot Cut Running For Miles.
Photo by Michael E. 
Here is one big cut that was still out there yesterday on South Hutchinson Island.

There might be some modern items below these cuts even though I wouldn't expect much in the way of shipwreck treasures.   There can be a surprise or two though.

Thanks for the great picture Michael!

Yesterday I talked about Disston saws and their medallions.  William M. found that nice web site because he had found a medallion and was doing he research.  

Below is a photo of the dug medallion that started him down that track.

In fact William has been making a lot of nice old finds lately.

Below are a few more of the finds by William M.

Dug Disston Saw Medallion.
Find and photo by William M.

Other Nice Old Finds by William M.
Photo by William.
Thanks for sharing William.

Eva S. continues to find items in shell piles up by Patrick Air Force Base, including another shark tooth and an old encrusted fork.

I've heard from some guys overseas that are seeing a LOT of coastal erosion.  Among the things that have been popping up is an 800 year-old leg bone, possibly that of a monk..

Here is the link for more about that.

Maybe some of you guys over there will want to reply to the TV casting call.  
On the Treasure Coast we're having GREAAAT!, as Tony the Tiger would say, weather.  Well, its not my favorite kind of weather.  I like wind and rain, but most people prefer this kind of weather.
We're going to have relatively calm seas the next few days.
Someone asked me about detecting in the River.  Remember that the submerged lands in Florida's navigable waterways, and most other water for that matter, are considered to be the property of the state and although for the most part there are no laws against detecting in those waterways, anything in them over 50 years old is considered to be the property of the state and not to be removed. 

I almost forgot.  I have some finds to post too.  I like having other people's stuff to post though.
Happy hunting,