Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3/4/14 Report - Pirate's Lair, $10 Million Gold Coin Cache Stolen, and Odyssey Marine Contracted to Work On SS Central America

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Steps Up To 17th Century Pirates Lair
Source: Livescience,com.

What would the ideal pirate lair look like?   Think 1600s.

What would you want?  Remote location?  Good view of the sea lanes?  Protected access for coming and going?

Well this might be it.  Everything I imagined.

Here is what the following linked article says.  An alliance of pirates preyed on ships laden with treasure, outmatched Britain's Royal Navy, elected their own admiral and, ultimately, were destroyed in a cataclysmic battle against a Dutch fleet in 1614.

They were a pirate alliance which operated on the southwest coast of Munster, Ireland, in the early 17th century, and now new archaeological and historical research reveals new details about their adventures.

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The 10$ million dollars worth of mint-condition gold coins that were found buried under a tree may have been stolen from the mint in 1899.  If that is the case, the finders won't be able to keep the coins but might get a finders fee.  Bummmmer!

I wonder what is going to happen to those coins.  They'll probably disappear into some government black hole.


Odyssey Marine Exploration has been contracted to conduct an archaeological investigation and salvage whatever remains of the cargo from the SS Central America shipwreck off the coast of South Carolina.

You probably know something of the SS Central America.  It has been well publicized and you'll see ads for the sale of its gold coins and other salvaged items.  It sank while returning from the California gold fields.

Here is the link for more about the new deal with Odyssey Marine.


I've talked about the storms hitting the United Kingdom this year.  Everything from WW II bombs to ancient forests are being uncovered.

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We're have absolutely beautiful weather on the Treasure Coast if you are thinking about playing on the beach, but if you wanted to detect the beach for old things that is a completely different matter.

The surf will be up to around four feet.  And the tides are big because of the new moon.

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