Monday, March 3, 2014

3/3/14 Report - George Washington's Ring & 1912-S Nickel and Other Finds From the Treasure Coast

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George Washington's Seal Ring?
Source: SAR Magazine, Vol. 108, No. 3.

This ring was donated to the SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) when SAR President , General Messmore Kendall, died in 1959.  The ring was accompanied by some other items including an affidavit purported to verify its authenticity.  The affidavit was signed by William Lanier Washington, a descendant of the country's first president.

The affidavit state's, The Seal Ring of gold set with carnelian cut with the coat of arms of General Washington, that accompanies this statement belonged to and was worn by General Washington.

The affidavit continues to trace how the ring was passed down through the family.

Another ring, similar but slightly different, that is claimed to be George Washington's ring is also known to exist and was donated by the William Randolph Hearts family to Mount Vernon.  Of course it is possible that he could have had two of them.

There is no proof that George Washington ever used a seal ring and there is no proof that William Lanier Washington's items were all authentic.

If you can show that George Washington actually owned and used a seal ring, you can help answer a big question.

No mention was made of possible values, but wouldn't it be neat to dig up something that historic?

The other day I told you I'd expect the price of gold to go up with the problems in the Ukraine.  That happened to be right.  The price of gold is up over twenty dollars so far today.

With the poor beach conditions on the Treasure Coast some people have been spending more time off beach.  William M. has been finding some very nice items.  Here are a few.

1912-S Liberty Nickel
Find and photo by William M.

1912-S Liberty Nickel
Find and photos by William M.

1901 Object
Find and photo by William M.
Lead FEC Seal
Find and photo by William M.

 A 1912-S nickel will sell for at least $177 in poor condition.  It is a key date.  Few were produced.

Thanks for sharing William.  Really neat finds!

You can learn more about 1912 S nickels here.

On the Treasure Coast today we're supposed to have a four-foot surf.  I don't expect much change from that even though the tidal variations are still pretty good.

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