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3/2/14 Report - February Finds, Chevy Bowtie, Fisher Finds and Look and Tremble Falls

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Michael E., who hasn't been detecting but about a year but still did very well in February, especially  considering the poor beach conditions on the Treasure Coast.  Here are what he found.

Feb. Finds by Michael E.
Photo by Michael E.
Pandora 925 bracelet, only 5 rings for the month, 2 of which are children's 14k rings and 1 diamond chip in a 14k post, the necklace is in tact, 22.4g of 14k, found again in the wet sand but this time with the detector. 

Thanks for sharing Michael!

Michael also mentioned that for him, being relatively new to the game, my material on beach dynamics is confusing at times.

I understand that.  There are many factors involved.  I haven't even gotten in too many of them yet.  But I know it can be confusing and it takes me quite a while to try to write it in a way that is clear.  

Some of the more advanced long-time detectorists told me that they are interested in hearing it all and the more advanced the better.  So I'll try to add some from time to time, maybe repeating some of it in different ways to help make it clearer.  It takes a lot of time to try to make it clear and so some days when I'm in a hurry I don't even try.

Down in the Keys, the Fisher organization reports, The weather has never been better in February and the good work that Captain Papo and the crew of the Dare have been doing proves it. The dive crew reports finding glazed earthen ware, pieces of pottery and a fully intact olive jar neck. They have also been finding many encrusted objects including what appears to be a part of a dagger or sword.

I picked up a nice piece of melted titanium the other day.  It reminded me of how long ago the shuttle disasters were.  There are a lot of pieces still out there.  Just like cobs there are tons of them still to be found.  People sometimes think that it is all gone.  That happens form time to time and then more shows up.

Miscellaneous Relic Finds

Copper Chevy Center Hub Cover.

Here are a couple finds from the relicsphere.  The group on the right includes a mason jar cap, key hole cover, and steering wheel center ornament.  Those were eye-balled on a walk through a woods and provided good clues to an older site.

Notice the two Chevy bowties.  That is what the Chevy emblem is sometimes called.  It was first used in 1913.  I suspect the copper hub cover is older than the steering wheel ornament if that is what it is.

Let me know if you can tell me if that is what it is or not.

Also, I'm trying to discover any differences in the bowtie that might give a clue to the date.

The hub cover has block letters with a small underline.  I don't know if that is diagnostic at all.

Anyhow, junk like this can point you to detecting sites, so even though they might not be worth much of anything, they can still provide clues.

Any info on either of those two Chevy items would be appreciated.

If you are one of the many snowbirds visiting Florida or just like doing a little travel, you might want to drive by some other historic areas.

Look and Tremble Falls
Source: Link below.
Did you know that you can find Class II rapids in Florida?  Well, sometimes, depending upon the water level.

The surprising thing is that there was a time when a steamboat made its way over those rapids.  And at one time the Corps of Engineers made a deeper passage on one side but it wasn't economical and wasn't maintained.

Here is a link for more information.

Use your thinking caps detectorists.  What all happened here?  Think back to Precolonial days.
Portage, maybe?  And then up to present time.

And where would items be dropped and then end up?  Consider the landscape, cliffs, rocks, water flow, etc?

I'll bet if you spent enough time walking around there you would be able to see a few surface items.

The predicted surf for the Treasure Coast shows another bump out about a week.  I wish they would fix the model and quit predicted bigger surfs that don't show up.

At least the tides are nice and big now, but that won't help much except in a few specific spots.

Happy hunting,