Sunday, March 23, 2014

3/23/14 Report - Another Gold Medallion Found, CoinQuest Site On Spanish Colonial Coins & 10 Million Dollar Item

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14K Medallion Found.

Even though conditions have been poor on the Treasure Coast for finding old things, there are a few good holes out there that continue to produce modern jewelry day after day.  The surf is up enough to stir the holes up a little every day.  Here is a recent find from one of those holes.

You might want to review some of my old posts on coin holes and coin lines.

Here is a web site by coinquest that gives a nice summary on Spanish colonial coins including general prices ranges for major types.  Good overview.

Have you ever tried to sell something that wouldn't sell.   It just never seemed to want to go away.

Here is a news story about a fellow that tried to sell an item, and it was a good thing he wasn't successful on his first attempt.

He bought an item at a flea market for $14,000 and ended up selling it for something more like $10 million.  He tried to sell it for much less, but it didn't sell.  He eventually properly identified the item, and although the selling price hasn't been revealed, it is thought to be more in the range of $10 million.  The key was proper identification.

It turns out the item that he was going to scrap for the metals and gems was actually a famous Faberge Egg given by Czar Alexander to his wife before it disappeared. 

Here is the video for more of that story.

Sometimes it seems like an item doesn't want to go away.  I don't know how many times that has happened to me.  I'm not talking about something that ended up being worth $10 million or even one million, but there are items that don't sell for the price you want and then it turns out that you are glad it didn't sell.  It isn't always only about economic value.  Sometimes an item that doesn't seem to want to go is valuable in another way.

For me it has often been a book.   I know one book that I tried to sell a number of times.  I didn't put an outrageous prices on it.  I thought it should easily sell.   Yet it never did, although I offered it several times. I couldn't understand why it wouldn't sell.

One book like that is over a hundred years old and has a paper dust jacket.  That is fairly rare.  You don't find many 100-year-old books with a dust jacket in nice condition.  It isn't a fiction book either.  That makes it even more unusual.

The topic of the book is the subjective mind of man, which is the part of the mind that supposedly has a lot of knowledge and what I think most people might call super-natural abilities.  It is the part of the mind supposedly used during ESP, hypnotic phenomena etc.

Since giving up on getting a decent price for the book, I've read it through a number of times and most recently read part of it a night or two ago.  I'm glad I didn't sell it.  That is just one example.

I know it is easy to read too much into events, and this could be one of those cases.  Sometimes it seems there is an order, or purpose to things that is governed by something greater than ourselves.  Some people say there is no such thing as a coincidence.

Many people feel that everything in life has a purpose.  They attribute some type of intelligence or will to the universe that guides events.  Some have no problem explaining that.  They believe it is God that guides things.

An active mind will always try to put two and two together.  It will always try to see the reason for things.  And maybe sometimes that gives meaning and purpose to things.  That isn't all bad.

It is certainly true that there is something bigger than the individual and that we can't grasp it all.  I don't think anybody can or would deny that.

I have some new test acid on order and should receive it before long so will be able to answer some questions soon.

I haven't completed my presentation on beach dynamics yet either.  Will have to get back to that someday before long.

Doesn't look much will be changing on the Treasure Coast real soon.  We'll be stuck with a two or three foot surf for a while.

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