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3/16/14 Report - Gold Nugget Dug on Treasure Coast, Old Buttons, Black Madonna & Note On TV Show Casting

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Small Gold Nugget Found on Shipwreck Beach.

It has happened before.  I personally know of a few times, but it doesn't happen often.

Here is a small gold nugget found on one of the Treasure Coast shipwreck beaches about three days ago. 

It was acid tested.

You may know of the gold dust just off Rio Mar that they have attempted to salvage with very little success. 

I've seen a couple of nuggets found by others on Treasure Coast beaches.  And I know of one that was found down near the House of Refuge.  This one was found on a 1715 Fleet beach.

If you dig enough stuff, eventually you'll get a few real surprises.

Some of the beaches that I've been looking at lately, even though at first glance they look like the sand is low, when compared to known landmarks, they are not very low at all. 

Use stumps, rocks and things that are stable landmarks to judge the sand level.  Even some large deep objects can provide good measures of sand depth as you pass over them with your detector.

Up above Vero there is one beach that has what sounds like a metal fence post buried under a good bit of sand.  I've seen people try to remove it before without any success.  It is buried too deep and too close to the water level.  It has been there for a number of years now and is still there.  You can measure the depth of sand there by the signal you get from that buried object.

Here is an item that was in the group of items found by William M. that I posted yesterday.  This is a close-up of the one item.

Do you know what it is?   From the words on the front you might think that maybe it is a token for somGoe kind of candy or pastry.

That isn't it.

Sweet Orr made overalls and work clothes.  It is probably a button from some one's overalls.

Here is what wikipedia says.

The firm of Sweet, Orr & Co., were pioneers in the manufacture of overalls. After a large business experience in the Village of Wappingers Falls, he (Clayton E. Sweet) moved to Newburgh in 1887, to which city the business offices of the company were changed that year.

Sweet Orr set up a factory building on Mill Street of Main Street in the late 1800s. The company manufactured denim overalls and jeans sold all over the country. The building burned down in the 1990s and is now the site of one of the village's parking lots.

The company is still in operation.

If you recall, William also found a Disston medallion.  He thinks it was on a case instead of a saw though.  The piece of wood it was on does not look like it was a saw handle.

Put the two together, a jeans or overall button and a Disston saw medallion and you start to get a little bit of a picture.  The two items certainly make sense together.

Here is a button I found. It looks to me like it could

I haven't found the company history on this one.  If you can help with that, please send me an email.

If you want to get more information about where to apply for the treasure reality TV show that I posted about yesterday, send me an email giving a web site or some background information.  I want to have some idea about how you fit their casting needs before giving out all the contact information.

Putin had the Black Madonna flown over the Suchi Olympics as a blessing.  That was the first time the Black Madonna was used in Russia to bless a peaceful operation.  It turns out that it may have actually been used to bless a military operation - the invasion of Crimea that people didn't know about at the time instead of the Olympics.

A leopard doesn't change it spots.

Here is a link about that.

Actually the original Black Madonna was destroyed in 1904 and there are now hundreds of them.

It is funny that with all of our NSA surveillance and the unlimited data collection and all of the intelligence, it seems that no one was able to anticipate the invasion.

On the Treasure Coast we have a nearly flat surf.  That will remain for a few days.

The wind is from the South/Southeast.   The tides are a touch bigger now.

Again, if you want information on how to apply for the TV program tell me a little about your experience.  If you are a frequent contributor to this blog, I'll give you a head start.

Happy hunting,