Friday, March 14, 2014

3/14/14 Report - Beach Conditions Downgrade, Disston Saws and Medallions and Fisher Dive Trip

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Beach This Morning.
This is the same beach that I showed yesterday when there was a cut running along the same place.  The cut has disappeared in some spots and decreased about a foot in others.

When I got to the river I saw the waves coming in from the East and figured that was a bad sign.  I pretty much knew what to expect at the beach and was right.  The East wind filled in the cuts.  At high tide the waves went up over the berm a little and dumped a line of small shells on the flat beach.

That was quick.  I have to drop my Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Rating back to a 1 again already.

I could see that a sand bar that was about fifty yards out yesterday had moved in close to the front of the beach by this morning.

I got a report from Christopher P. who said he was at Jensen Beach this morning and there were some small cuts but just junk targets.   I always appreciate receiving beach reports.   I can't be everywhere.  Thanks Christopher!

I noticed a +1 by a post that I did the other day.  I didn't know what that meant so I looked into it.  It seems Google now provides a new way for readers to indicate when they appreciate content.  It is something like the Facebook "liked" feature.

I was glad to learn that someone appreciated what I wrote because I wasn't sure if people would like that particular post or not.  I found the feedback helpful and motivating.  It gives readers one way to help shape what they read by providing feedback to the writer.

The Google +1 button can be found at the top of the blog. Maybe you know more about it than I because I just learned this little bit.

Here is what Google says about the plus 1 feature.

+1 is how you signal your appreciation for anything that grabs your attention on Google+ or on your favorite websites. When you read a post that makes you want to cheer, +1 is your applause; when you watch a video that has you in stitches, +1 is your laughter; when you see a photo that perfectly captures that special moment, +1 is your 5-star review.

A lot of people collect old tools.  Saws are commonly collected, especially those nice old ones with the nice woodwork on the handles and the brass medallions.

Bill M. sent me a great web site this morning that will help you identify the age of various Disston saws and the medallions from them.

Sometimes you'll find the medallion without the rest of the tool.

After hurricane Andrew I found the bottom part of an old wood shovel on the beach.  The handle was broken but it had a wood square blade.  Unfortunately I wasn't bright enough to pick it up at the time.  I was too focused on other things.

Here is a link to a web site where you can see a shovel with a wood blade.

It loads slow.

But what I wanted to talk about was the nice old Disston saws like these and the medallions which can provide good information about the age of the saw.  I think it was 1840 when the company began.

Disston Saws
The saws have a number on the blade that helps identify them.  One of these is a six and the other a 10.

Below are photos of a couple of the medallions that were on these particular saws.

Nice shape to the handle and nice carving.

Here is one medallion from one of the above saws.


A similar medallion on the other saw leaves out the word SONS.

Those are the type of diagnostic differences you will find listed in the web site.  Here is the link.

Thanks much to Bill M. for the great link.

One of the medallions has an eagle and reads WARRANTED SUPERIOR.

If you have found any old Disston saw or one of the medallions you now a good new tool to help you identify the object and its age.

I think you'll find the web site both very interesting and informative.

The Fishers are offering dive packages to allow people to go dive with them on the Atocha or Margarita sites.  The cost is $3000.   You can keep finds up to a value of $3000, so you can end up getting your dive trip free.

On the Treasure Coast today the surf is predicted to be around three feet.  It will be decreasing the next few days until Tuesday when it will be down around one foot.

That means no improvement in conditions is expected.

Happy hunting,