Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3/18/14 Report - Mini Sub, Small Unidentified Objects, What To Know About GPS Enabled Camera Images & Modern Pirates

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Spy Master One Man Mini Sub

Here is a nifty device that will allow you to scooter around underwater.

It is the Spy Master mini sub.

Here is the link for more information.


I like finding very small items.  I know if I am finding the smalls, larger items will be easy enough.  It also tells you that you are using your detector effectively.

Here are some of the small items I found in a grouping on a beach.  They weren't exactly close, but they only were found in a relatively small patch.

I saw another detectorist pass through the patch without seeming to detect them.

A Few Of Several Small Bits of Metal Detected On A Beach.
I haven't identified the metal yet.  They are heavy, not magnetic and could be lead, but I haven't finished testing yet.

Those, of course, will slip right through a scoop and will test your vision as well as your detecting.

If you find a good patch of dense metal items it is worth checking the area very well.

I have found gold in with concentrations of lead enough times to make it worth double checking.

Yesterday I showed a gold nugget that was found on a shipwreck beach in the same area as these items.

Speaking of neat technologies, did you know that if you use a smart phone or other GPS enabled camera, it can keep a record of where the photo was taken.  That can be handy for future reference, but if you want to share your photos on the web and do not want anyone to be able to determine the exact location where the photo was taken, you should know that that information can be included in the image file.   Concerning that,  Bill M. sent me an email.  Here is what he said.

, ... Photos uploaded to the web can sometimes give the exact GPS location of where the photo was taken.

Just today I found an example of someone who posted a photo of a metal detector find, and unbeknownst to the person who uploaded it, that photo included the exact GPS location of where the item was found.

...I checked the photos you've posted at Treasure Beaches Report, and they only show that the photos were from the Picassa album.  But no other details are shown.

Still, you have to be careful, especially when shooting photos of locations that you might want to keep secret.

 Thanks for the reminder Bill.

I don't directly upload image files that I receive without doing some conversion first.

If you want to find out what information is stored with photo and video images from smart phones and GPS enabled cameras you should check out the file properties.  That will show you what data is stored with the photo.  If you find anything that you don't want to be included with the photo, such as the GPS coordinates, you can remove that data.

This web site will show you how to remove unwanted data.


Navy Seals captured a pirated oil tanker.  There are still pirates.


The surf is still small on the Treasure Coast.  Last night the wind was blowing pretty strong form the West.

The surf is predicted to increase in a day or two but not by a huge amount.

Happy hunting,