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7/10/16 Report - Gold Sent To Spain From The New World. T. C. Find. Good Research Resources.

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The Lifetime Acheivement award will be presented to Captain John Brandon at the Mel Fisher Days Kickoff Party at the Schooner Wharf bar in Key West on July 15th at 6:00 pm. Congratulations John!


Here is a good chapter that you might want to read.  It attempts to summarize the amount of gold transferred to Spain from the colonies for each decade, beginning with the conquest.


Here are a couple of clippings I got from somewhere.  I don't know the sources right off, but they might have come from the linked sources that I give in this post.  The figures are interesting, but only something to start with.  I wouldn't take either as being very precise.


I got my Kirlian photography setup working.  No problem.  I'm glad it was made of old components. The modern crap probably wouldn't be working after four decades. I might be able to study the electromagnetic fields produced by various targets and compare that to the signals the same targets produce with metal detectors.


Here is the watch find that I mentioned yesterday.

Treasure Coast find.

Here is a great reference source on all matters related to commerce.  It is the Hunt's Merchant's Magazine and Commercial Review, which was published in the mid 1800s.  It is really full of good research information.

The topics are extensive including things like admiralty law, counterfeit coins, coinage in the Americas and Europe, gold digging in California, railroads, the amount of silver and gold in America and Europe and the effect on the economies.  I can't really give you the idea, but I hope you'll take a look for yourself.  The index provides direct links to each topic listed.

I think maybe Table 1 above came from this source.

Click here to take a look at the 23rd volume.


The post today is a bit of a hodge podge.  Notice the new poll that I posted.  I appreciate your responses.

We have a few more days of one-foot surf.

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