Monday, July 11, 2016

7/11/16 Report - Local Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions and Photos. 19 Amphoras of Coins Found in Spain by Construction Crew.

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Small Part of Hoard Found in Spain.
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Construction workers laying pipes in a park in southern Spain have unearthed a 600kg trove of Roman coins.

The bronze coins dating from the late 4th Century were found inside 19 Roman amphoras, a type of jar.

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I went out to the beach this morning to do a little detecting.  I was surprised by how few people were at the beach this morning.  I've seldom seen fewer at this beach.  Of course, it was early and I would guess beach goers would be showing up later.

Another View of the Beach This Morning.
As you can see, it was near low tide.  The beach front was built up.  Beach conditions were poor.

With all of this small surf we've been having, sand and not much else, not even anything other than small shells, has been washing up onto the beach front.

The shallow water was also very sandy.  There was a little bit of a dip in front of the beach, but hardly any at all.  Even the dip was shallow and had a lot of fine sand in it.  It was very sandy and shallow for many yards out.

The entire beach had very few targets, including the dry sand, which had been well detected.  Although targets were very few, there were some good ones, which were deep and difficult to recover.

Wet Sand Area This Morning.
This sand is fine and very packed.  You can see the ripples in the photo above.  There was also some black sand there. Getting maximum depth required some adjusting. 

There were some targets in the dip where sand was accumulating at the water line.  Targets were difficult to recover there.  The silty sand made deep targets very difficult to recover.  I left a couple.


Close-up Of Small Piece of Coral Found This Morning.

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