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7/27/16 Report - Treasure Hunting Vacation Hot Spots. Treasure Hunter Perishes While Hunting Fenn Treasure. Alamo Discoveries. Benny Bills.

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Summer is a time when lot of people travel.  I always like to detect new locations.  You won't know the new locations like the locals, but you can do well anyhow

I've done very well when trying out new locations.  I was often surprised by what the locals missed and wondered how it could happen.

I liked detecting the lakes of Minnesota, the beaches of Pensacola, backwaters of Milton Alabama, as well as the Caribbean Islands, to name a few.

The locals don't always get everything.  In fact sometimes they leave some very good hunting.  That has been my experience.

Dean sent me the following link to an article on vacation treasure hunting hot spots.

Thanks Dean.


A treasure hunter who disappeared this year while searching for an author's cache of gold and jewels in the New Mexico wilderness was confirmed dead by authorities Tuesday after his remains were discovered west of Santa Fe...
Bilyeu disappeared in early January while searching for antiquities dealer and writer Forrest Fenn's $2 million trove in northern New Mexico.

Here is the link to that story.

New locations can be a lot of fun, but they can also present dangers that you aren't aware of or aren't prepared for.

Be cautious when you are working new and different kinds of locations.

Thanks to Dean and C Man for sending this link.


I don't like taking metal detectors as carry-on anymore.  I used to do that a lot, and I don't know of anyone having a lot of trouble with that, but when flying, I prefer to send my equipment ahead by mail so that it is waiting when I arrive.


Texas archaeologists may have found more of the Alamo. 
Spanish colonial adobe bricks discovered at a dig site in downtown San Antonio's Alamo Plaza may have made up part of the mission's original western wall, researchers announced Monday, although more analysis is needed to verify the architectural function of the centuries-old bricks.
The dig, the first of its kind at the Alamo, is the first phase in a larger effort by state and local officials to renovate the historical landmark.
Here is the link fo r more of that article.


Have you heard about "Benny bills?"  There is a philanthropist that anonymously leaves one hundred dollar bills.

Here is how the article begins.

A mystery philanthropist has been spreading cheer one $100 bill at a time for more than three years in and around Salem Oregon.

He randomly hides the bills to be found at stores, markets, fairs and festivals, surprising and delighting unsuspecting shoppers and patrons.

When the first reports surfaced in May 2013, I christened him with the nickname Benny because Benjamin Franklin is on the $100 bill. Not long after, when it appeared others might be trying to steal his thunder, he began signing his bills...

Here is the link for the rest of the article.


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