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7/14/16 Report - Shipwreck Graveyard. Where The Boys Were. If You Are An Old Bottle Its Not Always Bad To Look Old. Ace 250 Chinese Knock-Off.

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One of Many Shipwrecks Found Near Fourni.
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Arcaheologists found 22 shipwrecks in a 13-day survey and 45 in less than a year around Fourni. They range in age from B. C. to 19th century.

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I just noticed Where The Boys Are playing on TV.  I had to stop and take a look.  It was a little nostalgic.

The movie was made in 1960, and I felt like I was watching a piece of metal detecting history, even though they didn't show any detectorists.  I doubt there were many people that had that reaction, but I did.

They showed the beaches absolutely covered with beach blankets and young people. Did I tell you I used to be young?  It was almost a blanket of people. There was hardly enough room enough to sit or stand.  It was all very civil compared to later years. The girls were wearing one-piece swim suits, and the guys were very clean looking.

In the sixties and seventies the Fort Lauderdale beaches were still very crowded during Spring Break, but things got pretty bad and eventually Fort Lauderdale decided to discourage college kids from visiting at spring break,

I think it was in the mid seventies when they had riots and all kinds of problems.  They brought in Billy Graham to try to calm things down. The beaches were still covered with people at Spring Break into the eighties, as I recall.  How things have changed!


I just ran across a web site on which the writer was describing how to distress bottles.  They wanted to do crafts with bottles that look old.  What do they say, "The grass is always greener?"  I guess that means the dirt is always dirtier too.

Bottle collectors usually want bottles that look new, and the old bottles I find usually show their age. One thing I like about selling finds is putting them in the hands of the people that appreciate them.  And getting the best price is largely the result of finding the people that most want exactly what you have.

There are bottles that can be sold to bottle collectors, and others you might be able to sell to people that do crafts.

I used to sell some old bottles and probably will again some time in the future..  One of my old Treasure Coast bottles went to Australia.  Another was illustrated in a book on pharmacy bottles.  I like when finds like that are appreciated and used.


I know that a lot of people read this blog.  I can tell that from the hit counter and google stats.  What I don't know is how often people actually try the techniques I explain.

If you adopted some technique that I explained or used some piece of information that I provided, I'd very much like to hear about that.


There is Chinese company selling a knock-off of the Garrett Ace 250.  They copied the Ace, and their copy looks almost exactly the same.  It does have a different name, but there really isn't much difference.  I'd suggest not buying knock-offs like that.

It is bad enough they steal our industrial secrets and stealth technology, now it is metal detectors.

Even crafters are having trouble with Chinese knock-offs.  They browse sites like Etsy and eBay and then copy items.  They aren't the only ones the stoop to copying though.  Some U. S. sellers on those sites look for things they can copy rather than using their own creativity.


Tomorrow look for pictures of new 1715 Fleet finds, including escudos.

There is no tropical weather to watch.  It looks like the surf will pick up next week, but only by about a foot.

Happy hunting,