Friday, July 15, 2016

7/15/16 Report - New 1715 Fleet Finds From The Crew Of The Capitana. Treasure Coast Waterway Cleanup.

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July 2016 1715 Treasure Fleet Finds
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah Martinez.
As you can see, there are two silver forks, six gold escudos, and ten silver reales.

The Capitana guys have been working long and hard through the heat this summer and it is paying off.  Every day and every find brings them that much closer to their next great find.

They've found similar forks before, as well as the reales and escudos.

There finds were from about July 4th until the 14th.

Way to go Jonah, Bill and Dan!

Great photo Jonah.  Thanks for sharing.

Below are some closer views.

I just zoomed in on those.

Here are some closeups of reales.  Most of them appear to be worn fairly smooth, but not all of them.  The one in the second picture below has some good detail.

Thanks again Captain!  We are all rooting for you and eagerly await each find.

I think I see some small pieces of silver on that rock - maybe the remnants of silver coins or something.


The 9th Annual Treasure Coast Waterway Cleanup will be held Saturday, July 23, 2016.

7500 volunteers will be working along 125 miles of waterways in Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River Counties.  More than 67 tons of trash will be removed from the waterways.

Below is the link for more information.  This would be a great project for any club or group, and a natural for detectorists who want to promote our hobby.

This event is for all ages. Perfect for students, service clubs, yacht clubs or anyone who wants to be part of the solution to pollution. All volunteers will receive an event T-shirt and watercraft will receive a commemorative burgee to fly, which indicates that they are part of the event. All volunteers will be invited to an appreciation BBQ in August  (date TBA). Contact us for more information!


Thanks for all the responses to the blog poll.  There is only one day remaining if you haven't given your response yet.


I have a lot of topics on my mind.  I also have some explaining to do.  It is difficult to cover a topic well in short daily posts.  Sometimes I need to give more details.

We've had poor beach conditions for a good while now, but as the Capitana guys showed, there is more treasure lurking out there.  The are great finds yet to be made.

There is no tropical activity to watch right now.  I'd love to see a break in this heat.  The surf will be picking up a little now, but only to about three feet next week.

Happy hunting,