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7/23/16 Report - A Treasure Box in a Treasure Box. A Bit of History Spring Break Detecting In Fort Lauderdale. A Touch of Humor.

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Found Under Trap Door In Closet.
Source: ViralNova link below.

First, a touch of humor.  I thought this is the funniest thing I've seen for quite a while.


I post  a lot of stories that I find on the internet.  I post a variety of types of articles and stories.  In my opinion, this one about the box shown above is particularly good for several reasons.  For one thing, it is very well documented with a variety of photos.

It starts when a couple found a trap door in the floor of a closet in a house they bought.  Then when the door was opened they found a locked box.  After they got into the box, they found coins and another box.  Then another cache in the second box.

Here is the link.  Thanks for the link Dean!


A few posts ago I mentioned the movie Where the Boys Are and talked what it was like in Fort Lauderdale back in the day when it was "the" place to be for spring break.   Kenneth H. was there too, and had the following warm memories to share.

I smiled at your notes in the Treasure Coast Beach Report about "Where the Boys Are." That beach and I have a lot of history. Searched there with an old Relco in late 60's; and with my Bounty Hunter 3 BFO in the early 70's. I detected that beach heavily weaving around the Spring Break crowds. Sometimes, will join them and go to the free beach concerts. 

In 1971, the local Sentinel did an article about me detecting the beach and depicted what I was finding. In 1971, they took a photo of me at age 18 standing near to the historic marker of the 1841 site of Fort Lauderdale, a Seminole War fort which was established along the beach. Not far from there and about 5 or 6 years later, while using a Whites Coinmaster VLF, I dug a 1911 $5 gold piece. In 1979, I published an article for Jess Publishing entitled, "Where the Coins Are." 

Of course, the best find I ever discovered on Ft. Lauderdale Beach is my wife now married for 40 years this August. She was on Spring Break from Ohio U.. Eventually, she moved down here to stay with me. I actually met her at the "Button," once a popular beach side hangout with live music. I proposed to her to marry me six months later while we were upstairs in the famous hangout called the Elbo Room. I never put the detector down and still beach or water hunt at Ft. Lauderdale on occasion. My last best find was a Tag Watch, dug off a sandbar in four feet of water--needs repair though.

Thanks for sharing Ken!


We have no changes in weather or beach conditions again.  We'll have something like a two-foot surf for the next week or so.  I sure would like to see things get stirred up a bit.

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